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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple new os x Yosemite

Warning. Do not upgrade your imac or laptop to Yosemite unless you are fully aware of what the consequences are for you. If you are happy with Maverick then stay with it.


Well i saw the new release and just as i did with the previous releases i just updated without going to deep into the changes.

So whats up?

Well you cannot go back to Maverick without a load of hassle if you find it doesn’t suit you. As i found out.
If you use iphoto as everyone probably does in OS X it is now linked with Aperture. So after upgrading to Yosemite i had to upgrade iphoto. This was fine, as it was a free upgrade.

But Aperture would not upgrade unless i paid £54.99!!!!!!!!!!

I very very rarely use Aperture, iphoto does pretty much all i need. So i thought Damned Cheek, i’m not paying £55. If i ever need to use an Aperture like piece of software i will use a freebie.


Now that iphoto has upgraded and linked itself to Aperture,  as soon as you launch iphoto you get a message telling you that some of your photo’s are in Apertures library and you have to upgrade Aperture before iphoto will launch.

Bloody Naughty Apple.

I don’t want to pay out £55 to upgrade Aperture, a piece of software i rarely use, but i need iphoto. I am in a catch 22 situation and i feel i am being mugged by Apple.

I don’t want to uninstall Aperture because i don’t know what damage i might cause.

Anyone got any suggestions. Please keep it clean. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boli 5 Litre water tank.

 For the last couple of years i have been using a Platypus 3 Litre water tank on backpacking trips.
I have found it a very useful piece of kit. That’s down to the fact that for an overnight camp i only have to fill it the once. A bonus once your settled in the tent.
The 3L has for some reason been deleted from the Platypus range which now only comprises the 2L and 4L in the tank models. Why Platypus have decided to ditch the 3L is beyond me as i have found it perfect.

Platypus tanks.
  • The 2L weighs 66 grams and costs around £21
  • The 4L weighs 103 grams and costs around £26
You have to be prepared to take some stick with the Platy version as it looks like a ladies handbag. (See image below), but who cares.
Then i came across the Boli 5 Litre collapsable water tank and although i am not in the market for a replacement tank right now, i thought i would share it with readers who may be, as the spec. and weight of the tank is excellent for such a capacity and the price is outstanding.

Boli 5 Litre water tank.
  • Boli 5L water tank weighs just 69 grams and costs £6.99. 
That’s quite a saving on both weight and on the wallet.
 You may think that 5 Litres is too big, but in reality you only have to fill it with enough for your requirements and the tank rolls away and weighs so little when stored in the rucksack.
In comparison it weighs the same as the Platypus 2 Litre.

I think its great value for money and a viable alternative to the more expensive offerings. Ideal too for  D of E groups.

Available from Amazon here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Defeet Dura Etouch gloves.

 Winter is approaching and soon we will be wearing gloves again. The trouble with wearing gloves on the hill means that if you regularly use your smart phone as a GPS, or have a touch screen stand alone GPS or even, God forbid, that you need to use your phone to make a call, then you will know that you have to take at least one glove off to carry out any function.

The Defeet Etouch gloves have now resolved that problem. They are smart phone sensitive and will work on your touch screen.

Defeet are made in the USA and are usually associated with biking gear. They are readily available here in the UK and mine are from Evans Cycles and cost £16.99. If i had been a little more astute then i could have got them for £14 online.

I have shown bright colours here in the image so that the silicon rubber palm grips are visible to the reader. Alternative colours available are Black, Blue, Red, Ocean Blue, and in Hi Vis there are Green, Yellow and orange.

The gloves are touch screen sensitive thanks to conductive thread that is woven into 3 finger tips. The index finger, middle finger and thumb. So using the phones zoom features for example where 2 fingers are needed is easy.

Usually biking gloves have gel padding for comfort but these havn’t and therefore are ideal for hiking. They do have silicon rubber blobs on the palm and along the fingers which are great for keeping hold of walking poles in the damp.

The gloves are not fully waterproof but they are toasty and make good liner gloves for those really wet or bitterly cold days out. They have good dexterity and performing simple tasks like getting money from your pockets, opening a flask or sandwich box, operating a camera for example can be done easily.
Fit wise they are close fitting but not overly tight. Obviously they do need to be a close fit to make the best use of the touch screen property.

40% Cordura, 32% Coolmax EcoMade, 20% Nylon, 7% Lycra and 1% Silver AG.
The face material Cordura is robust and abrasion resistant.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Aclimatise Merlin Smock

It seems an awful long time ago that i was initially involved in this new waterproof smock.

This post is not a review as i did reviews on the prototype some time ago and i took a version on the 2014 TGO Challenge with great success. In fact i thought that it would have been released in May but it didn’t happen due to further trials.
The only noticeable difference from the prototype is the addition of the 2 Napoleon pockets and the coloured zips.

A link to the web site is here LINK which gives all the details for any readers interested and going off the comments on the earlier review i guess there are quite a few.

Merlin smock (photograph from official webpage)

A discount of £40 is offered to purchasers for a limited time. Just put itsmagic14 into the relevant box when ordering.

Find it Here