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Monday, August 31, 2015

NuYarn Merino L/S top

Not yet in the UK and relatively new elsewhere in the world is the latest release NuYarn Merino fabric.
There are only a handful of companies selling NuYarn and i was lucky enough to have one sent to me by relatives in New Zealand. I paid for it btw.

I am a fan of merino base layers and i have quite a few. However, i know that it’s not for everyone. Some cannot stand the feel of wet merino.
The thing is that this new merino yarn is different. Very different. It feels very different.
On the label it says it’s a hand made product and comes with a guarantee for life. So that is certainly good as i have quite a few holes in my Icebreaker tee.

NuYarn merino, independent testing results.

There is a very short video to show how different this material is and it’s worth watching. Its only 1/2 minute.

The top i have is from Cactus Outdoors. and is long sleeved tee.
It’s spec. is 185g/sm fabric and is 91% Merino and 9% nylon.
 A bit creased but i have photographed it literally straight out of the bag.

Sizing is generous and with the stretch you definitely don’t want to opt for one that may be too big.
The sleeve width is again generous, great for rolling them up but a little too loose at the cuff for my preference. Length is long as a base layer should be.
What did surprise me a little was that the side and shoulder seams are not flat lock.
Two colours available, my grey one and a blue. I would have preferred the blue but they didn’t have my size in stock.
 Cost $NZ 139.00 which is £57.58p at todays conversion rate.
Shipping was free to our relatives house in NZ and then to post it to UK it cost $NZ17.00 or £7.00.

Not tried it in the field yet so i cannot tell you if it performs as it is supposed to. ASAP.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just for Conrad

To the point.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Please take note and share. WMRT.

Today we were contacted by a Mountain Instructor who informed us that the stretcher box on Mickledore had been emptied, possibly for someone to use as a shelter. Equipment was all over the ridge.
The equipment in the box is located there for use in an emergency by the public and the team. Whilst we recognised that there may be times where someone would need shelter having being benighted, we would really appreciate the equipment being put back in the same condition as it was removed.
A number of team members went up to the box this evening to re pack the box. It is also worth noting that the box is not a rubbish bin.
We don't want a list of ranting comments below this post but would welcome you sharing to educate people who may not know what the box and the equipment is used for.
Thanks to the Mountain Instructor for picking up all of the gear.

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