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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which Blogging phone?

I need the help of you guys who have mobile blogged for ages and are familiar with the good and bad points of the latest gizmo's.
We are due a phone upgrade in April and as we don't currently blog on the go, we thought we would give it a go this time.

We have quite a bit of Apple tech so the iphone is our 1st thought. However, we believe it's not the best to take on treks as you cannot switch batteries and the GPS is not that great either.

We were thinking that one piece of kit could do everything ie,  phone, camera, blog and GPS but we are sceptical that this is the right way to proceed. Jack of all trades but master of none.

Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Alan Sloman said...

My bit of advice would be 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket.'

Go for a phone that blogs and a separate GPS device. The GPS drains batteries very quickly. Peewiglet's blog should be visited (about last Novemeber) for her research into this.
I recently had a chance to upgrade from my ancient yet trusty Nokia E90 Communicator - thought about the iPhone but dumped the idea because of the battery issues.
In the end I stayed with my Nokia.
Good luck! I am sure there are loads of techies out there who could advise you - but beware of those that don't do multi-day hikes as they won't know what they are talking about!

AlanR said...

Thanks Alan. I hear that GPS on phones does drain the batteries pretty quick. I have a Garmin etrex H which i was going to sell on if the phone GPS was the way to go.
However, although it would be nice to have digital mapping to see exactly where you are,just having the co-ordinates and a paper map is still a good enough option.
Another thing i have to take into consideration is the cost of digital mapping, it's hellishly expensive. So do i wait and see what the OS release seeing that they are proposing to free it up?
Thanks again Alan

afootinthehills said...

Following a similar query from me, Phreerunner has said that he will be posting about using a BlackBerry Curve for mobile blogging, so I'm going to wait until I read that.

AlanR said...

afootinthehills. Glad i am not alone in choosing the right piece of kit. With contracts now spanning 2 years for smart phones it has to be right. Thanks for the post.Appreciated.

Phreerunner said...

Ooh, I'd better do that Blackberry review!!

AlanR said...

Hi and welcome Phreerunner. I would look forward to reading your review.
I was in Manchester yesterday looking at possibilities but came away even more confused. I must admit that the Blackberry didn't jump out at me as i thought the keyboard was too small (eyes getting old). But i have an open mind and will listen to any suggestions. Thanks.

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