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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saucony Hattori lightweight shoe

I have been using crocs as my second shoe for backpacking or for river crossing. It's also nice to put the feet into something lighter and comfy at the end of a walk, when you get the tent up.
But the trouble with crocs is that they are quite difficult to compress, they take up a lot of rucksack space or they take up valuable pocket space on the exterior of the rucksack and crocs are a bit last year.

I recently took the plunge and bought a pair of Inov-8 190 sandals which are very comfy, compress well and as the number suggests they weigh 190gr.
I find them so much better than the crocs and are great for wearing around the house as well as on backpacking trips.

Then i recently saw these running shoes from Saucony and found that they only weigh 125gr. so you can imagine what i thought having just paid out for the Inov-8's.
They are also ideal for river crossings and any water based pursuits.

So if you are looking for a lightweight camp shoe or for canoeing maybe, then these may be just what you are looking for. They come in a variety of colours and men and women's design.
For further spec info follow the link HERE


Anonymous said...

Good spot. I presume 125g is per shoe. If so they are 50g lighter than a pair of Nike Mayflys.

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
Yes 125gr per shoe. I have only had the Inov-8's for a month. Its typical isn't it that you find something else better so soon after. Anyway if this post helps others, that's what matters.

Unknown said...

Yes - a good spot. And Yes - It does help others. Me at least because I've been looking for something like this (and some of the previous "good spots" you've shared).



Martin Rye said...

My method is lighter. No second shoes. Trail shoes do fine crossing rivers and in hotels. I don't get the second pair of shoes thing. Never have even years back when I wore boots. I suppose they are light. But heck 300g here and 300g there soon adds up.

PS Alan the Moment mods are superb. Henry should make the door as standard based on yours now.

AlanR said...

Hi Brian,
Very kind comment. Much appreciated.

I don't disagree one bit. I have tried the no second shoe option a number of times. The thing is i just like having something different to wear from my wet day shoes or boots. If i find something light weight and comfy thats fine with me. I won't go into serious river crossings here.
I have even taken just a new pair of insoles to swop out at night on some trips.

Thanks for the Moment comment that's very kind of you. I agree with you about making it std but then again it will increase the weight by a metre of zip and he might not want to do that. It would be certainly nice to hear what he thinks of it though.

Alan Sloman said...

I'm with Brian - A very good spot - my main gripe with the Crocs is the ridiculous bulk of the things - so for the last two Challenges I have not bothered with spare shoes, like Martin.

But these... these look cool! I think you'll need some cool shades to wear with them...

AlanR said...

Hi Alan,
They would probably be great for dancing in too.

Martin Rye said...

I have some nice new cool shades Alan. Cost me a teener of Amazon. Another fine spot again from Alan here. Did not take them on the Challenge due to the forecast. Would have been useless. So add the Delios water filter in and Alan has turned up some real fantastic finds of late. keep em coming Alan R.

Unknown said...

Really good spot - they'll pack down relatively small/flat too. They don't look quite as ugly as the Nicke Mayflys either ;-)

AlanR said...

Hi Maz,
And they should be strong too, as they are designed to run in.

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