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Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday 23rd June. Peebles.

Checked the pubs out last night and cask bitter is hard to find. The Annandale hotel is serving Merlin Bitter and the Star (hotel bar not the back bar) has one cask beer.
The others have only keg beers. The Stag has Old Specled Hen in keg form. Yuk!
The Annandale bar closes at 11 pm and that means stop drinking and leave, please.
So the Star has our vote for best pub in Moffat.

Getting up this morning was in sunshine, yes, sunshine. It must have lasted 10 minutes and then the black clouds covered up the sun and that was that. Raining again.
We decided over breakfast in the Rumblin Tub Cafe to do a tourist run to Peebles. It's a lovely drive.
There was blue skies breaking through as we arrived but again it was just a blip.

Waterproofs donned we checked out the high street and into the outdoor shops. This was fatal and the old card took a bashing with Sheila getting a new Tilley Hat and a pair of sealskinz for her webbed feet.
We had a walk up through the estate in Glensax and they were still burning brush wood as they were in April.

A leisurely drive back to Moffat via St Mary's loch was taken and the car got another drenching. It is looking clean though.
Stopping for 5 minutes in the empty car park at the Grey Mares Tail we looked up but couldn't see the fall for mist. The ranger must have been fed up because his trailer was all shut up.
The forecast is a little better tomorrow.

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