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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Slaggan Bay

We left Skye in the rain, surprise surprise. On route to Mellon Charles for our second week we dropped into Plockton for an hour or so where the sun shone for a change. Plockton is a lovely place and we wished that we could have stayed for an overnight.
Our onward journey through Strathcarron, Kishorn, Shieldaig, Gairloch and Poolewe was delightful and we only had a few showers.
After a bit of a detour we found our rental house and it is stunning and right on Loch Ewe.
The area has amazing second world war history with the Russion Convoys. So because the weather has been foul we visited quite a few of the now derelict sites. All very interesting and worth a visit if just for the views across the Minch.

Today, Wednesday, the weather has been much better but still a strong biting wind. Our group fancied a low walk and so it was that we set off on the 10k (there and back) walk.
The car was left roadside north of Achgarve on Gruinard Bay. A signpost points the way and a good LRT leads almost the whole way to the cove. It is possible to drive the track but it would be a shame to do so as much would be missed.

view south east.

The track follows Allt Udrigle which is bound by wild shrubs and plants. Soon coming to Loch na h-Innse Gairbhe which we read would be covered in Lilies. Unfortunately they were missing today.
Its an easy walk with very little rise and fall. Along the route many wild flowers can be seen and the lichen covered rocks are like art.

Lichen covered rocks abound.

The next loch is a fair bit larger, Loch an t-Slaggain. Its location is a delight with the hills behind. Here we saw a small herd of highland cows.
A little further on and with about 1km to go the gables of the last habited house comes into view. Standing eerily against the sky.

Many think that the village was part of the 19th century clearances but its not true.
The gabled house was only built in 1936 but sadly burned down in 1942. Ecconomics and the war put paid to the rest of the habitants.
The other crofts lie abandoned to the south west of the gables following the course of Allt an-t slaggain.
Many sheep trods lead to the cove proper and down to the beach where you may see seals. Its a great spot to have a picnic which is what we did, but we found it difficult to find shelter from the wind.

It would have made a good walk to have gone up onto the hills to the west and back over to Mellon Charles but 10k is enough for Dorothy. So we returned the same way.
We managed to do the walk without any rain. I think that is the first time in 10 days. 4 other people passed on route and it's a pleasant outing.
Thanks to Debbie and Patrick for the last 3 images.

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Dawn said...

What a beautiful area, fantastic scenery.

AlanR said...

Great area to backpack but supply posts are few. Scenery is stunning.

These Boots said...

Beautiful scenery & I commiserate with you over the weather as we had a very wet week in Skye last August!

Sir Hugh said...

Just caught up with you. It's difficult follow other people when you're in the middle of a trek yourself. Much as I am enjoying this Macmillan Way my heart is really up there where you are.

Sir Hugh said...

Just itching to Photoshop that lichen rock into a fantasy animal.

AlanR said...

Even in wet weather Skye is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We never regret coming here.

AlanR said...

Hi Conrad. Same here. Our internet is poor and frustrating. I have not yet fully caught up with you.

AlanR said...

Mmm. That photo has copyright. Ha. Enjoy.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos!

AlanR said...

Thanks Linda.

Phreerunner said...

Good to see you are still enjoying yourselves. I recall seeing otters at Slaggan Bay.

AlanR said...

Enjoying ourselves even though the weather is the worst i have had in Scotland. We saw seals but no otters.

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