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Sunday, September 6, 2015

A weekend in Cumbria.

The fantastic clear weather was a joy to behold after weeks of grey and rain.
Sheila and i spent the weekend in the company of friends in the Duddon Valley.
It was one of the most chilled weekends we have had for sometime and saw us just wandering around without a fixed plan.
The above photograph was taken to highlight the fact that the forestry are re-planting thousands of trees either side of Birker Fell road. So in a few years time the amazing views and open land will be severely restricted.

I didn’t take too many photographs but what i did take i have made into a slideshow. There are only 32 images so watching it will not take up too much of readers time.
The beach scenes are at Seascale and the mountain scenes were taken on and around Irton Pike.
The friendly Sparrowhawk was taken through the window at our friends house.

The slideshow is Here.


  1. What fantastic photos, the shots of the sparrowhawk are excellent. See you managed to even sneak in a David Brown!

    1. Cheers Dawn. You always loose some clarity when photographing through windows but they came out ok.
      What a coincidence a DB tractor passing right in front of us. It’s a lovely beach at Seascale.

  2. Unfortunately I can't view the pics on my iPad which is strange since I can view my own photos, also on SmugMug. I get a message saying 'you need Flash Player.b

  3. hi Gibson. Yes so do i. Also on my Nexus 7. I don’t understand how you can view yours unless because there is no link involved it shows them. I will endeavour to find out.

  4. Now had a look at the photos on the laptop. They are all excellent and shots of the sparrowhawk are, well, absolutely fantastic.


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