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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Off to Scotland.

Later today when Sheila finishes work we will make our way North on a journey i don't enjoy. However, it does mean we will be on Scotlands west coast by tomorrow evening, so there is a reward.
Tonight we will stay at the Travel lodge at Stirling junction 9 and tomorrow head off via Spean Bridge to Glenelg.
There will be some backpacking and also some base camping, B and B's and a little tourista.
How it all flows together will be done by seat of the pants decisions based around the weather forecasts. But as always, once we get to Glenelg we will chill out and enjoy this wonderful part of the world.

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Gayle said...

Enjoy - and I hope that, by the time you reach the west coast, the weather perks up a bit.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gayle. I read that Monday onwards is ok.

afootinthehills said...

Have a great time both. We won't be far behind you..

AlanR said...

Cheers G. Have a good trip.

San said...

Consider breaking your journey at Moffat.

AlanR said...

Will be doing that on the way back. Thanks.

Dawn said...

Have a fantastic trip Alan.

AlanR said...

Its the only kind to have.

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