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Friday, February 24, 2017

Hiking goggles

When its windy or cold walking in exposed places my eyes stream non stop. It's a real nuisance. It makes map reading all the more harder. I've used glasses of various types and even yellow goggles that would have looked good on Ali G.
Many glasses have a tendency to steam up or are too bulky to be practical for hiking so when I came across these paragliding/skydiving goggles I thought I would give them a try.
Goggles are also a big benefit when rain, sleet or snow is coming at you horizontaly, and even better when hail stoning.

I wore them the last time we were out on White Pike in the Lake District and they work very well. The conditions were 20mph wind gusts, low cloud, intermittent hail, rain and snow with an ambient temperature of 4 degrees but felt cooler with the wind chill. Perfect testing weather.

The goggles are made from one piece UV400 shatterproof Polycarbonate double sided anti fog coated lens. Mine are clear but alternatives are available in smoked and yellow.
There is neoprene padding around the edges to keep wind out.
Keeping them firmly in place is a fully adjustable headband rather than side stays.

They weigh 41 grams including the micro fibre cleaning pouch.

I might have to make a bit of an alteration to the foam pad that stops wind getting through. The reason is that when paragliding you don't actually work a sweat up like you do hiking and so the generated warm air needs a space to escape. Although the foam is breathable and they are anti fog, I think a small slot would be beneficial and won't detract from the performance. But i will try further testing before modifying.
I found these at Global eyewear. Cost £10.99.


blogpackinglight said...

What a great find. I was thinking about looking for some goggles yesterday with the high winds.

AlanR said...

They would have been great for yesterday's high wind. Unfortunately I was stuck on a train.

Dawn said...

Interesting Alan!

AlanR said...

Won't suit everyone Dawn but good for me and Sheila. And at 41 grams are hardly noticeable. Would be good for skiing too.

QDanT said...

AlanR said...

They would have been great for yesterday's high wind. Unfortunately I was stuck on a train.

If it was a 'Steam' train they could have kept the 'Smuts' out of your eyes as you hung out the window ! ;-)

AlanR said...

No, sorry it wasn't a steam train. Just a std northern diesel. But I know what you mean about wearing them when going across Ribblehead with your head out of the window.

Bob Andrews said...

Some else posted a similar find and found jockey glasses, similar price. Just google. I,m thinking of buying for cycling but I also wear glasses and not sure if they would sit over those.

AlanR said...

Thanks Bob. Normal glasses would not fit under this type of paragliding glasses but it may be worth contacting the seller who has probably been asked this question before and may be able to suggest an alternative.

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