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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spring arrives, but just for one day.

What a difference a week makes. Today it was tee shirt weather. Forecast for rest of the week is poor.
But it was so good to feel some heat from the sun.

Photos taken with iphone 6.


Dawn said...

It is amazing, even one brief glimpse of spring can be so encouraging.

AlanR said...

Absolutely. It gives you such a lift.

Anonymous said...

Which day was that???
You must have been lucky - no two days are the same here,
but mainly cold and wet.

AlanR said...

It was Saturday March 4th.

Dave said...

We don't seem to be managing complete days of anything at the moment: wet mornings can suddenly give way to clear skies for the afternoon; or vice-versa. I'm not finding the weather forecast on the BBC homepage very helpful either: tomorrow's forecast seems to be getting updated by the hour, although last time it was for a slight improvement.

I think I'll get a second opinion from Accuweather and then take the average of the two.

AlanR said...

Yes it is strange weather at the moment. The thing is to just prepare for the worst and go. On forecasts I find MWIS and covers most of what we do pretty accurately.

Phreerunner said...

Just catching up, but I don't really understand the security stuff I'm afraid.
Your 4 March experience on Winder sounds a bit like our 18 March jaunt up Dow Crag. All good fun though...
Hoping you are making the best of this current heatwave!

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