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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

TGO Challenge 2017

It soon comes round again and this Friday see's the start of the 2017 crossing of Scotland. Sheila and I will be in Scotland between Oban and Tyndrum, roughly during the first week. So we wish all challengers a wonderful time and a safe crossing. We hope that we will bump into a few late starters at some point along the way.
I have booked good weather so no need to worry.
This is what the Challenge is about. 
(As well as the camaraderie and not forgetting a wee dram or two.)


Gayle said...

We're currently in Oban and I'll be going to Tyndrum too (Mick will be further north), but I think I'll have vacated both places by the time you arrive.

Sir Hugh said...

Have a good trip, (not over hidden fence wire).

AlanR said...

Shame,, it would have been nice to see you.

Without doubt. I will start too look very closely at stiles and open fencing.

Dawn said...

Have a good trip Alan.

AlanR said...

It didn't go so well Dawn, unfortunately.

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear that Alan

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