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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Testing post

I have found blogging on the go an absolute pain in the backside. All my devices are Apple and I have found that there is lots of things I cannot do with the blogger platform.
It became so bad that I gave up. I did find ways to fudge the program but it's tiresome and annoying.
I know some people find the same as me and others who seem to cope well. A mystery.

I decided to see how it went with an android device and so I bought a second hand Samsung T4 235 model with a 4000MAH battery and 4G sim. I didn't pay too much for it just in case it was a failure.

So today we set of in the rain to do a test post on the run.
I decided that I would use my OS mapping to create the route as we went.
I had a problem with this because I found it quite easy to accidently switch off the tablet whilst it was in my pocket and therefore it scrubbed the route recording. The tablet was not in a case and therefore it was my fault and after all, this is what the test outing is all about. Finding out the issues.
I took a few photos with the tablet and even though the camera is only 3mp I was pleased with the results.

Well I can tell you it's better than blogging on an Apple device. Text wise it's far better.  Adding photos is only just passable and there are limits to size of image. I suppose this will improve as I get more used to it.


Dave Sailer said...

I'll watch with interest.

I bought a slab phone nearly a year ago and so far I can make a call if I really need to, but the rest is still Land-O-Mystery.

The only reason I have it is because it allowed me to sign up for "Google Fi", which lets me use the phone outside the U.S. I have needed that feature and am glad to have it.

Unfortunately, the two manuals I have for the phone (Two!) don't say hardly nothin', nohow, nowhere about how to actually do anything. (Still photos, videos, audio recording, audio playback, radio, maps, text editing, blog posts.)

You, of course, will now be my savior.

Have at it then, please.

AlanR said...

Thanks Dave, YouTube is a great help as most issues can be resolved there. I must admit I’ve never considered myself to be a saviour. Although I have repaired a few tractors and saved the day. Cheers.

Dave said...

Hi Alan,

I think just about everything I've ever learned to do when it comes to blogging has come as a result of making mistakes, becoming exasperated and eventually searching Youtube and other parts of the web for online help. The exceptions to that are those occasions where I've stumbled across the solution by trial and error and then often not been able to repeat it next time I've needed to do the same thing.

If it's any consolation, I switched from Blogger to Wordpress a few years back and, while there are some things I prefer about it, there are also plenty of frustrations. Also the fact that every so often there appears to be a bit of a rewrite of the underlying software and things which you'd previously got used to now have to be done by a new method.

Because I still insist on using a camera (my own fault - I'm just useless with touchscreen devices) Instagram is a pain and after a bit of initial enthusiasm I've got out of the habit of using it.

I don't think the seamless solutions we're often promised have materialised yet.

AlanR said...

Hi Dave, (its becoming a Dave post this). Yes i agree, i too do have a Wordpress blog in the making but havnt released it to the world as i am not confident enough with the ins and outs of WP yet. As for Blogger, there is just so many weird things happening or which dont work at all, that i feel like i am using a beta version of it without knowing. Its so frustrating. Having said that, writing a blog on the imac is pretty stable, for me anyway. But writing a post on ipad or iphone is simply a bloody nightmare and again i stress that its in my case.
I have found the Samsung 7 ' tablet with android works with blogger pretty well so far, although for some reason which doesnt happen on the imac you seem to be limited on the total size of images that you may want to upload.
As for using your camera rather than the one on your tablet or phone, you could take out your memory card and use it in the tablet or phone and therefore upload what ever images you wanted to use on a new post.
Thanks for your comment. Cheers.

Dave Sailer said...

Yessir. Thanks for the additional info. I just got out of bed but feel like I should consider crawling back for a bit more.

I hope that when I get to the point where I need to depend on my phone, things will work well enough to work.

I'll be using a Google-approved phone with a Google blogging platform, on a network that Google has cobbled together, so maybe. But it's still incomprehensible how some people can lie in a tent at night and produce entire blog posts with their thumbs.


I have only the two of them, so I'm not very sure I could pull that off.

afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan. I use email to post (iPhone) and have no problems with photos as long as I use one of my BT email accounts which asks for a file size selection before uploading. They don't always appear in the right order but I'm not bothered about that. If I use Gmail on the other hand photos hardly ever appear and most of the email is lost when it's returned by the server, so it's not easy to re-post. Gmail works fine if no photos are attached.

I never use the Blogger platform on the phone. That really is a nightmare in my experience.

AlanR said...

Hello Gibson, hope all is well with yourselves. I should have been up your way this week but an illness has put paid to much exertion.
I had forgotten about the email option to be honest and I shall give it a go. None of our apple devices except the home Mac will scroll down when writing a post. I am finding the android tablet a success so far and it’s handling images ok as long as they are small ie around 300kb. I am going to Arnside next week for a few days recuperation so I will see how much progress I make. Good to hear from you.

GeoffC said...

A bit late here but...
Since Blogger is owned by Google I'm hardly surprised that iDevices are a pain to use with it. Blogger is awful even on a desktop, in fact I'm making an exception here in replying to a Blogger post when I swore not to (because of that stupendously crap ReCaptcha).
I don't know why so many blog on the hill at all, isn't it mainly about dropping all that mental baggage and connecting?.
So if the device switches off, the current track recording is lost?. Good grief!.

afootinthehills said...

The iPhone of itself is not a pain using email in my experience. Write the post and email it to Blogger. Some email clients are better than others in terms of file size if posting photographs, but otherwise I’ve found it straightforward when using 4G.

As for blogging on the hill, I don’t know anyone who does this except when backpacking, lying contentedly in their tents after a hard day. That’s no different to having a day on the hill and posting when home. The less said about the word ‘connect’, the better! Same goes for ‘wild swimming’ or as I call it ‘swimming’ :-)

AlanR said...

Hi Geoff, I don’t disagree with you at all really. Blogging on the go is useful on longer trips ie more than a weekend because I tend to forget the things I wanted to recount. I could write it down but I would just rather blog it. I have now moved to an android device and my trials so far are encouraging. Thanks.

AlanR said...

I haven’t tried email yet Gibson. But I will when I manage to get out again. I’m having problems at the moment so not sure when I will get out. Cheers Alan.

John J said...

Not mobile, but using a Windows desktop:.....I've recently worked out how to publish photos using the latest version of OpenLiveWriter, consequently I recently restarted blogging. Using Blogger to post is a P.I.T.A. on a *good* day.
As for mobile blogging, I use the email option. Not brilliant, but it works. Sort of.

I get the feeling that Google want to discourage blogging, they're certainly making it harder.

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