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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Some improvement thankfully.

Sheila wisely suggested that we do a dry run to the airport. So a few days before leaving for Greece we got the train and did the journey. Although I was apprehensive things went ok.
Come the day we were leaving properly, the trains were cancelled. Northern Fail again.
Luckily a neighbour took us to the airport.

I felt ok going through passport control but once through I felt disoriented. Even though I had been through the airport dozens of times I wasn’t sure where I was. Only when we sat down did things start to appear familiar.

Apart from a slight delay with the flight everything went ok. I think I slept quite a bit.
Our arrival in Greece was without incident and we were through arrivals and into the taxi within minutes.

The first couple of days we just chilled out and then decided to do a ferry trip. On the way back I didn’t feel good and couldn’t stop shaking. My uncomfortable feeling lasted for a day and a night.

I was determined to start running on this holiday even though my energy levels are still low and my muscles ache. The first run was about 2km. My breathing was awful and I was shattered when I got back. The next run was only a little longer but I actually felt a bit better and my muscles not as sore.

10 days into the holiday and I haven’t had another bad day, but even better my running has improved to 5 km and with my breathing improving. Still my energy level is about 50% of where it was before all this anxiety started but it’s mentally helpful to know that I am improving faster than I ever thought.
The medication is still controlling my emotions but I am learning to live with it.

Let’s hope the next 10 days improve too.


  1. That sounds good and positive. When one hasn't done exercise for a while I have found that stiffness is more on the second day after rather than the first day after. Five km. sounds pretty good - even when I was doing a lot of running years ago my comfortable distance was only six miles. Best wishes to you both.

  2. Thanks Conrad. The muscle pain I think is caused by the brain signals, not allowing them to do too much. It was tough doing 5km in this heat even though we set off at 7am. I was hoping I would achieve 5k on this holiday so now I will just have to see what I can do over the next couple of weeks.

  3. Take care Alan, and enjoy Greece...

  4. Good to see you out and about again and enjoying a good splodge!


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