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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Rules for hiking in Tier 3


If I walk with my family we are allowed 6 people from 6 households. And as family we would know if they were covid secure or not.

If I walk with a club it’s 30 people. That’s potentially 30 households. 

If you understand this logic then let me know because it beats me. 


  1. Hi Alan
    Don't get me started...
    Right from the very start of this debacle the so called experts and the government with it's toadying opposition have been ineffectual to say the least. If they had proper jobs with superiors to answer to, they would have been out on their ear. I wouldn't pay them in tap washers.
    How the hell can they come up with such ridiculous guidelines/rules...(which they themselves are unable to adhere to) no wonder Joe Public doesn't have a cue what they're supposed to do/not do.
    Anyway at the current rate of inoculation, it will only take 9years....that's assuming they will be as efficient as their "successful" "track & trace" system.
    Rant over....I trust you are still able to get out for a walk, locally at least!
    Take care

    1. Hi Alistair, Rant away, it’s fine by me. That’s exactly as I feel too. I thought I must be missing the point here but it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s all contradictory. I read that about 9.26 yrs to do the total inoculations but I’m hopeful that they can do it within 9 months. Fingers crossed. We will see. Ps I haven’t been ignoring your Strava, since the latest upgrade I am struggling to sort it out. I think they deleted my account because my phone couldn’t accept the software. Pps Havexa good Christmas.

  2. and if the government advice was 'all walking groups should walk to the nearest cliff and jump over like Lemmings ! You Would ! and be reported as Covid (just another Flu strain) Deaths

    1. Hi mate. Long time no hear. I have vertigo, I can’t do cliffs👍

  3. Hi Alan
    You've not missed many of my antics on Strava....I feel off the mountain bike last time out (on tarmac!) smashed my lefthand little finger and took a good piece of skin off my left thigh....I should act my age..not my shoe size!!
    Have a great Christmas, all the best for 2021

  4. I’m cringing just reading that you fell off the bike. Hope your ok.

  5. Yea, I'm all good now...I've kept off the bike since. Out walking every day locally tho'.
    Might even venture out on a bike tomorrow.
    I promise to take care!

  6. I suppose we could get a few friends together (The Topwalks Club - I'm Chairman) and walk in two groups of 30, the first group keeping two metres ahead of the second group. The ladies at Wythenshawe Park will be delighted when we turn up for 60 takeaway coffees.

    They'll say "You lot are just like the parkrunners who come every Saturday morning!"

    Do take care, and compliments of the season (personally I'll be walking in a rather more sensibly composed 'group' - are two people a 'group'? - I bet that's a question to flummox any politician...)
    M (+ S at work)

  7. Hi Martin,
    To me it’s a free for all. Enjoy your walks whether a couple or a group. Looking at the rules we could have done a Christmas walk with a take away lunch. I’ve seen lots of big groups this week up here.
    Hope you enjoyed Christmas. This was our first Christmas at home. It was a nice change. Stay safe.


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