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Monday, November 29, 2010

My First Aid Kit

Following a useful post on Maz’s blog which you can find here regarding our first aid kits, i have now photographed mine and displayed it here for all to compare and hopefully comment on.
Contents from top down.
Non stick pad. Strip of std plasters. A sponge pad. A 2nd non stick pad.
Iodine wipes. Plaster strip. Moleskin plaster. Cleansing wipes. Insect Bite wipes.
Blister plasters. A burn sheet. An almost empty Savlon tube. Tick remover. Lip balm. Small Emery board.
Roll of tape. Paracetamol. Zantac. Whistle. Recently added button compass. Dicloflex. Periton. small bandage.

I have scissors and tweezers on my Victorinox classic knife.

I would also carry, foot powder, sun tan lotion, and Insect repellant, dependant on the time of year.
The whole kit weighs 87gr.

Well i think that’s it. Any comments gratefully accepted as always.


  1. Covers most of the bases. I might add a crepe bandage for twists and sprains.
    And of course the training to use it all.

  2. Thanks Oldmortality. My Lightload towel will do the crepe bandage job if it became necessary. It will also do the Triangle sling job too.
    Fortunately i have done a couple of First Aid courses.

  3. Really lightweight - like it. Tick remover is something I had not thought of, depending on the season, of course. Thanks Alan.

  4. hi Maz,
    Its striking the right balance, not carrying too much or too little and varying it for whatever the trek is you are doing at the time.
    That kit will do me for up to a week away from civilisation anywhere in UK.
    The tick remover stays all year round. I would probably loose it otherwise.

  5. If you are relying on the scissors/tweezers in the Victorinox, it's maybe a good idea to store it together with your first aid. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you've lost (even in the bottom of your pack) or become separated with your knife, as I see you've considered exactly that with the button compass. It carry a button compass there too as well as a razor blade, tweezers, and an excellent 27g Ritter Survival Knife. My first aid is also my repair and survival kit, so there is a sewing kit (with dental floss for cordage), gaffer tape (which can be used as moleskin for blisters), and a firesteel/whistle. I find keeping them all together means I always know where they are. I have read of a guy who even likes to keep his firesteel, blade and button-light and compass around his neck, but I think he's more worried about getting seperated from his pack by an angry bear than us Europeans. I always see first aid as being about survival, so I keep the kits together.

  6. Hi Eiran, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Actually i dropped a clanger here, my knife is a Wenger classic.
    I don’t store it with my first aid kit because sometimes you need it for other things. I keep it on a piece of bungee cord that is attached to the key fob in the top compartment of the rucksack. I cannot loose it this way.
    It’s not a particularly good piece of kit. The scissors are poor when using them and the tweezers are a bit weak. However they are all i have at this moment in time.
    I used to carry needle and cotton and other bits and bobs but i don’t take them now on trips that are a week long or less.
    A small amount of Duct tape can be very handy. Sometimes i carry it and other times not. Again it depends on the trip.But i should make the effort and put some in on a full time basis.
    I don’t carry firesteel ever, i use a gas lighter with some waterproof matches as backup.
    I hate carrying things around my neck. They just get in the way. I use an OMM chest pouch on most trips. I find this very practical.
    I have never been into serious bear country so it’s something i have never had to consider. I would love the chance though one day.
    Thanks for your excellent comments.

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