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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Super Delios Water Filter

I have had a very nice email from Delios Uk regarding the water filter that i reviewed on my blog awhile back.
It seems that they are pleased with the comments and sales too i would imagine.
I am putting together a comments sheet for them and i would be interested to know what other backpackers think about their purchase and it's use in the field.
If anybody would like to post suggestion, good or otherwise about their experience of using the filter then please use my email address that can be found in the View my complete profile  section of my blog. Thank You.


Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased with mine. My two suggestions are a larger water container, say 500ml or 660ml and the plastic strip(s) securing the flip lid are flimsy and should be stronger. I've already broken mine. Overall I prefer it to the Travel Tap.

The Odyssee said...

Thanks Robin, Your comment will be added to the list.

-maria- said...

I have not yet bought one, but I do agree with the previous comment - the water container could be larger. I'm still pondering between the Super Delios and the Drinksafe Travel Tap, and the capacity of the container does matter.

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