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Friday, January 28, 2011

St. Bees

A lovely day today. Clear and sunny. 4 degrees.
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Unknown said...

Excellent! Your picture brings back very happy memories of the Coast to Coast that I walked last year. Thanks.


Phreerunner said...

Are you doing the C2C, Alan?
It all looks very green back home!

AlanR said...

St Bees head is a nice place on a sunny day like today. The C2C is a lovely walk and the camaraderie can be special.

No not doing C2C this time. Just a outing for Sheila's mum. We are going for a walk this afternoon to Kinniside common.
Its all very green here, and some good vistas too.

-maria- said...

Lovely weather! We do have +1,5 degrees, but still loads of snow. I'm eagerly waiting for the spring (= melting of snow).

QDanT said...

Brings back memories of having to turn back beaten by the incoming tide on x2 different occasions trying to get to the beach at the "Head" where the eroding boulder clay, left by the last ice age glaciers, is supposed to contain Agates the ice having passed over the Lake District volcanic - thanks Danny

afootinthehills said...

First post by the Blackberry Alan? It takes a good photograph - the skill of the photographer musn't be overlooked of course!

AlanR said...

hi Maria,
Yes its a lovely day with some sun for a change.

Danny, There is a much better beach at Fleshwick (i think thats how its spelt) just a bit further round the head.

Gibson, Yes first post with the BB. I am getting the hang of it but i am still having problems. For some reason i can do everything except reply to comments. I have to wait until i get back to base. I must be missing something.
Very kind comment about the picture and the camera man.Ha.

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