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Monday, February 14, 2011

Stove stand

I still own the well tried and tested Trangia stove but i rarely use it as a complete unit these days. It’s a bulky piece of kit although it’s not a heavy lump it’s just too big to carry in the rucksack.
I also make my own spirit burner stoves and as many of you will be aware sometimes all spirit burners can be a little unstable with a pan on the go.

I recently came across this stand which is made for the Trangia burner. I’m sure that it can be adapted for different makes of burners and also the home made variety.

The price is fantastic at £3.99 and looks well made. It will certainly assist those of us on tight budgets who want to get lighter carry weights and less bulk and paying little money for the privilege.

Just thought i would share it with you and for anybody interested you can find it here, just click on the link.

From comment no.1
I have added below 2 photographs sent to me from QDanT who’s blog "Teddy tour teas" can be found with a click of the mouse.
Simple, cheap, replaceable, effective, stable, in built windshield, what more is required.

Idea for a pot stand come wind shield made from a Heinz sponge pudding tin and a church key can opener,
not only is it light weight and the meth's stoves fit in, for transporting, a splash of meth’s in it works as a pre-heat when it’s cold.
Thanks Danny.


QDanT said...

Hi Alan,I use a Heinz sponge pudding tin with triangular holes punched around top and bottom,with a church key can opener, acts as a pot support and windshield and pre-heater tray, I'll e-mail you a couple of photo's --- cheers Danny

AlanR said...

Hi Danny,
Thanks for the photographs. It shows that kit doesn’t have to be expensive. They are also cheap to replace.

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