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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Over the last few months i have been trying out a pair of sunglasses which should suit all seasons at a very reasonable price.
Being 99.9% UV protection is exactly what is required for outdoor adventures.
There are lots of good glasses out there but some are hellishly expensive and once you start to get into snow sports then the price can rocket.

These glasses cope with the glare from snow and bright reflected sun perfectly well. 
Made by Peltor with Maxi- impact system for safety and optical clarity. They have triple reflex coating which gives a mirror finish and scratch resistance.

 The ones that i have are a red/yellow Titanium colouring to the lenses but they are available with a blue colour if you prefer.
The side bars have a torsion lock which holds them against the head very snuggly. The frames and side bars are high density nylon capable of taking impacts and extreme temperatures.

At the bridge of the nose and at the temples are vents to assist in the de-misting process. They also work well in keeping the rain out of the eyes on bad weather days. The colour of the lenses keep the vision light rather than dark as they would be with std black lens glasses.

All in all they are suitable for the following sports:-  Hiking, Fishing, Driving, Sailing, Yachting, Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Tennis, Cricket, Running, Athletics
CE Approved to EN 166 1FT & EN 172 (99.9% UV Protection).

Cost. £12.99  which i think is a great price for such a quality item.
Available at Amazon, from a company called Hand Held Audio. Click Here.


afootinthehills said...

These look just the job Alan. I wonder if they do any that will go over specs?

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson,
I like these as they will do for all weathers. I am pretty sure that they don't do a clip on or over glasses. But maybe another supplier will. I am always on the lookout, so if i see anything similar i will let you know.

Mac E said...

Another good find Alan, I have ones by Bollé They're called Axis Smoke and are sold as safety glasses, like yours CE Approved, EN172.

AlanR said...

hi Richard,
Yes i have tried a pair of these. They are good glasses and great value for money. If they did a similar lens to the Peltors for the price they would be a worthy alternative.
But who could complain at the price of them.

AlanR said...

Bolle do the spider flash which are similar lenses to the Peltors but i think these will fog up in the outdoors.

Tilly said...

They seem good for people like me who have to make do with a low budget. I guess they are good for people with a high budget too if only they would get out of paying for a name. I may buy a pair as I don't have any for walking in.

Mac E said...

Alan, the Spiders look good, I might get a pair.

AlanR said...

Hi Tilly,
As i posted i have used these for the last 3 months and i don’t think you will be disappointed. They are good value for money which i like too.

Hi Richard,
At the price they are worth getting. I was thinking that maybe there is enough material within the Spider frames to allow some small venting holes to be drilled which would enable them to be used year round.

-maria- said...

I try not to forget my sunglasses at home as my eyes start watering pretty soon if it's sunny and a bit windy. The sunglasses make a huge difference! (And of course they say that it is important to protect the eyes from UV rays as well...)

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
Same here, my eyes water pretty quickly whether it be the sun or the wind.
With you still having plenty of snow, protecting the eyes is very important.

William Smith said...

Great post! Keep up the great work Alan!

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