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Monday, March 21, 2011

West Cumbria Coast

This weekend saw us travel up to Sheila’s mums on the Cumbrian West Coast on Friday instead of our usual Thursday.
Instead of driving up along the coast road, the A595, we usually take detours either over Birker Moor or Corney Fell roads where the views can be excellent.
For us, it usually depends on the time of our travel which road we chose because Corney Fell road is the “Rat Run” for Sellafield workers on there way home south.
These people show no respect for other drivers, considering it is a one lane fell road with small passing places. They drive excessively fast and will have you off the road quite easily. They don’t give way when you are going up hill as they should and they basically think it’s their road.
Today being Friday Lunchtime we chose Birker Fell.
The views across the fells to Scafell and Bowfell were worth the detour as the clouds cast wonderful shadows across them.
The Scafell Range
Harter Fell peeking out in the background and Green Crag in the foreground.
  Whoever was lucky enough to have chosen today to do the tops were indeed fortunate people. Sheila’s mum had said that visibility had been generally poor all week. So this was the first break in the cloud.
  When we arrived in Gosforth we were starving, stomachs were rumbling. Having never tried the lunchtime fish and chips at Gosforth Hall we decided to do just that.
It was great. Fresh fish delivered each day from Whitehaven, a light batter, with chips, peas, bread and butter, tea or coffee. All in £6.95. 

  Post lunch we needed a walk and as it was so clear decided to go to the coast. If the tide is out then the walking along the sands at Seascale is magnificent with enormous landscape views. Parking the car on the front, the tide was well out.
 The light was superb and a photographers heaven. I wish i had brought some filters but never mind, we hadn’t expected to be here.

We had a very nice few hours walk. Hope you like the pics.


Kenburg said...

That sort of day is good for the soul!

AlanR said...

Hi Kenburg, It really blew away the cobwebs and hopefully the cold we were suffering from too.
It made a change to visit the coast instead of the hills.

QDanT said...

Superb lighting what an expanse of beach never been thanks for posting. Once going from Newbiggin to Broughton in Furness, for a pint, a Golden Eagle flew alongside the motorbike at about 25' for a good mile over Birker Fell

Alan Sloman said...

What glorious photos!

Just how many Mother-in-Laws do you have?

"This weekend saw us travel up to Sheila’s mums..."

AlanR said...

Been there so many times i have lost count. But never been as lucky as you with the GE. Wow.

I get your point. In reality NONE!

-maria- said...

The colours in these pictures are just awesome!

I love the seaside, so I really like these photos. I can almost smell and feel the sea. Although I cannot complain about the hilly pictures (the first two), either! There is a lovely contrast of the golden foreground vs. the blue/grey in the background.

AlanR said...

Thanks Maria,
Your comments are very much appreciated.

karl said...

Lovely pics from a favourite area of mine. Re the Corney Fell rd, I discovered it a few years back and thought it was a secret short cut. I soon learnt otherwise.

AlanR said...

Thanks Karl,
The views across to the IOM and all along the coast from Black Combe to Ravenglass are spectacular. Well worth a visit on a nice day.

Unknown said...

The weather is starting to turn, Alan. I can feel spring ripening. Wonderful photos and a very nice day.

AlanR said...

Thanks Maz,I think you are right. We’ve been on a nice 19k walk today (Wednesday) in beautiful sunshine. It makes such a difference. Lets hope it lasts.

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