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Thursday, August 11, 2011

test photo post

Just a test post.

Thanks Maria it worked eventually.
I appreciate your helpful guide to getting the image on the blog. Now i need to fix the path in my head so that it becomes second nature. That might take some time.


afootinthehills said...

Very impressive Alan.

Alan R said...

Hi Gibson,
You wouldn’t believe the stress i have had getting this to work. But now that i have i like the results.
It’s not difficult to do it just needs some time and patience to set it up.
I have lots of both at the moment. Maria who’s blog is mosty WALKING was a big help.

Alan R said...

Sorry typo error, should have read mostly WALKING. It’s here

-maria- said...

Looks good, Alan! I agree - it is not difficult, but it takes some time and patience.

Alan R said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks. The more i do the easier it will get. I am going to look for an easy way to add a (©Alan Rayner 2011) to them now without downloading more software.
I think i can do it with Preview. I will try.

Find it Here