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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fire Maple FMS-116T v ?

 I had an email recently from Ultralight outdoor gear showing the new Fire Maple stoves they have or are due in soon. I then noticed they had the Fire Maple FMS-116 Titanium. 

I recognised it as one i had seen last week when i was mooching around Manchester gear shops. 

Now i cannot say that the 2 stoves above and the one below are one and the same but the specification is exactly the same and it looks, exactly the same, and the weight is, yes, exactly the same at 48gr. 
A fantastic weight for a backpacking gas stove.

The only difference i can see, is the price. £34.99 at Ultralight outdoor gear, £24.99 at GoOutdoors and £16.00 at Sports Direct.

 I like UOG and GO very much, because they are good company's, i have ordered from them numerous times and will do so again in the future but i couldn’t let this go without highlighting it to potential gear buying challengers and other interested parties, obviously.

You need to make your own minds up.


Alan Sloman said...

Whenever I see this design I fret about it. When it is screwed onto the cannister the stability of the stove rests entirely on the thread of the cannister as the stove does not sit on the cannister's ring.

With the old design of cannister stove, all the thread does is pull the stove onto the cannister. The ring around the thread gives the stove stability.

Am I right to be worried by this or am I being an old worrier?

AlanR said...

Thanks Alan i think your comment is relevant. First let me just say that this post is not a review or a preference of mine to buy.
I understand your worries but i would like to think that if it's passed the requirements to be sold in the UK it will perform as the std's require. Also if UOG are selling it i would expect just that and it's fit for purpose. Myself, i have not used it. I can only express that from my own engineering background that i think the biggest problem would be caused by over tightening. I don't think the weights we backpackers would be putting on the stove would be detrimental to the threaded part of the cylinder.

Сергій Сосницький said...

I have this stove (the one sold under FireMaple brand, in case there is some difference). Yes, the weight of the pot rests on the thread. I never had any kind of problem with this stove except for the fact that its too small to be used with Primus Etapower 1.2 L pot. The thread of the stove seems to be ok - no dents or anything suspicious.
Though, I have to admit that I have burnt just a few canisters of gas with it, and most times I was boiling just about 0.5-0.8 L of water (for solo use). When cooking for two or more persons, I use a remote canister stove.

AlanR said...

Thanks Sergiy,
Its good that people share their experience of the stove. It's a good buy at £16.00 as long as the majority have no problems with it.
It's niche is as a 1 person stove.

Martin Rye said...

Made in the same place in China I believe. See pete AKA Tracksterman. He plays around with the remote canister stoves by them. He also has found a fault. Cheap, light and cheerful. Spend more on a MSR stove and be done with it.

Mr Soman sir. Old worrier is an alive worrier. Stoves can behave badly and the result can be very nasty. Nothing wrong with concern over any stove. Good to see this being raised.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
Thanks, i will have a look at that.
My posting is all to do with the differing price for allegedly the same product. But if anyone was seriously looking at the Fire Maple then at least 2 other options were available cheaper. Don’t forget not everyone has a budget for MSR apart from the pocket rocket at 86gr, even though you are right to suggest it and at £16 it is a good option. They are all Made In China and other big brands get theirs made there too.

AlanR said...

I have read the piece now Martin which readers can find at then go to November 7th.
It seems that after 5 months of continuous use equivalent to 3yrs of trail testing time that the burner head mesh has warped causing more oxygen to be mixed with the gas which causes irregular burning. The post makes the point that Fire Maple and the above stoves are one and the same and use the same parts.
I don’t think that time span is too bad, if a stove lasts the average walker 3 yrs for £16.

Thanks Pete AKA Tracksterman for this excellent info. More the merrier.

Laura said...

Very interesting post Alan. In a plan to lose weight from my backpacking gear I have been seriously thinking about using a tiny Coleman F1 stove instead of my Jetboil. But only thinking. Maybe the £16 one would be a good option to consider as it looks a bit sturdier. I'm currently only on the standby list for the Challenge so I have plenty of time to consider this - probably until 2014. For shorter trips I usually choose the Jetboil as it's so reliable.....

AlanR said...

Hi Laura, hope the shoulder is easing up. Well i can vouch for the F1, i did a post on it a while ago.
I havn't used the Karrimor version, but if it works ok and i presume because Ultralightoutdoorgear are selling the Fire Maple version that it does, i would choose the Karrimor. It's lighter and a sturdier pan support. If you have the Primus windshield the Karrimor suits it better than the F1.

Anonymous said...

This is a genuine dilemma you've highlighted here, Alan. Personally I'd rather not buy anything from one of Ashley's outfits, based on some of the stories which circulated around his involvements with Karrimor and Nevisport. On the other hand not everybody is in a position to pass up discount offers on outdoor gear, and most of us probably aren't exactly awash with money these days.

I'd probably compromise by paying the Go Outdoors price, and try not to allow the nine quid to eat away at me.

AlanR said...

I know where you are coming from Oss but that’s like saying i would pay 24,000 for a car thats worth only 16,000. You wouldn’t do it would you.

-maria- said...

It is weird how backpacking gear is so differently priced in different shops. Although I have the perfect solution: I'll use my trusty Trangia Mini ;-)

AlanR said...

Maria! welcome back.
You can't beat the trusty Trangia. Many have tried but it still remains up there with the best.

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