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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nerja - Spain

 We did well getting through Malaga airport with only an hour delay. We had no bags and so we got through very quickly. However it makes little difference as the coach taking us to Nerja still had to wait for the tail enders in the baggage queue.
 The hotel, Rui Monica is fine although the check-in procedure was laughable. Oh well, the internet connection is good.

Friday it rained most of the day and sometimes it was torrential. Lots of folks caught out and looked like drowned rats. We had a quick walk round just to get our bearings and then headed to the pub.

Today, Saturday we have done about 6 miles, all very casual like. Just along the coast. I might not have got wet yesterday but i did today. Trying to get that big wave shot, i took one step to near the waters edge and the big wave got me. Soaked, head to toe.

 We have a nice walk planned for tomorrow to a Roman Aqueduct, so i hope the weather is a bit better than today. The morning was really nice but the afternoon got quite windy and with it a drop in temperature.
 The view from where we are staying.


Chris said...

That is a great area for hills! I've had a couple of holidays there. Try to get up Cielo and El Fuerte at least.

-maria- said...

Oh, sounds good! One of these days - years - decades - I will have time to visit Spain and its splendid walking areas. Last winter a friend of mine spent four months in the southern Pyrenees - I wish I had had time to visit her, but unfortunately not...

John J said...

I saw 'Spain', the photo of you all soggy and damp....and then thought that it must be really hot, poor Alan's melting away in the heat. Then I read the text!
It reached the sweaty heights of 3degC in Timperley today, at 6.40pm it's down to 1.4egC.
Ho hum.
Enjoy your holiday!
I'm not (very) jealous

AlanR said...

Hi Chris,
Not this time i'm afraid. This is more a sightseeing holiday and relaxation. A holiday with some easy walking.
We will be coming back to do more serious stuff. Like you say, this is a wonderful area that just demands getting on the tops. Lots of snow up there at the minute.

AlanR said...

You won't be disappointed Maria. There are many Scandinavians here just now. Cheap beer and sun.

AlanR said...

Thanks JJ. I was glad my lightweight gear only took about 20 minutes to dry.
Its been a bit nippy this afternoon and just now 21.00pm its a coat job.

Chris said...

That is cool Alan. Enjoy the holiday. Those aqua ducts are good too. Wish I was there.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris. Cheers now in the Ship Inn on the red wine.

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