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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beanfeast Outdoor recipe - trial run.

I have followed Tracksterman's adventures for sometime now. You can read his blog here if you havn't come across it before. Oh and here too, (thanks to Martin Rye.).
He certainly gets about and seemingly spends most of the year outdoors. Switching between China and Scotland. I wish i knew how he did it. He certainly has an opinion though.

At this time he is in Scotland, around Glendoe recently.

His recent posts and excellent video's i may add, was about trail food. It's in 2 parts. Beanfeast ala Tracksterman part un and part deux.
1st here
and the 2nd here.

It's not often i cook food whilst backpacking. I tend to just boil water and re-hydrate packet stuff. Usually i'm too tired to bother. Unlike Mike Knipe who has been known to take, Potato's, cheese, onions, sausage, bacon, beans, muffins, frying pans and god knows what else.

But these 2 video's i found interesting and thought i would try the recipe before i went out walking. So chose to cook it at home. I didn't want to chance hating it and then chucking it away leaving me with no meal.

It's simple to make, if i can do it anyone can. It's quick and its cheaper than buying packet meals.

So what did i use.

1 pan, (everything can be done in 1 pan)
A small knife
A spoon or spatula.
In the field a pot cosy would be required.

3 tablespoons or a good slug of canola oil (rapeseed oil) its better for you as it doesn't oxidise.
1/2 small white onion - chopped small
1/2 tomato - chopped small
1/4 red pepper. - sliced thin
1/4 tea spoon of garlic but garlic flake would do the job
pinch of salt and pepper.
dried mixed herbs to taste
Tomato sauce available in small pouches or Tomato puree.
Dried chilli flakes or powder.
1/2 packet of microwave rice
1/2 packet of Batchellors beanfeast bolognase.
1 cup of water

Now you might look at the above list and think that's a lot of stuff but in reality it's not and it's not heavy.
My recipe is not exactly the same as Trackstermans, you can use any seasoning you fancy or have at hand and also any veg that you can get hold of.

To cook.
Boil a cup of water and put it in the pot cosy.
Slice the onion, tomato and pepper. and put it all in the pan with the oil.
Quick fry until going soft. A couple of minutes.
Add in the various seasoning and herbs.
Then pour in the hot water and bring back to the boil.

Pour in 1/2 packet of Beanfeast bolognase and stir, then add 1/2 packet of Microwave rice and stir.
I used microwave rice because it's already part reconstituted.

Once boiling put the pan in the cosy again for about 10-15 minutes. Tracksterman suggests 20 minutes but that long is not required with using microwave rice.
 {Chopped Tomato, pepper and onion in the pan with oil, garlic, mixed herbs, seasoning.}
 {Meal with water, rice and beanfeast added and almost ready to eat.}
Meal complete and its a generous portion. Too much for me today but then again i'm not on the hill. It's probably perfect after a long day out.

What did i think.
I have tried trail foods at home before and admit that they never taste as good as when your out. It must be the fresh air or the tiredness. I'm not sure which.
However, i found this tasted superb in the house so on the hill it's a treat i can't wait to try.
It set my taste buds on fire and i was licking my lips for about 10 minutes after. I managed to leave some for Sheila to try later on today.

I must say Tracksterman, (sorry i don't know your name), i'm glad you posted this on your blog. It has lots of connotations which i will look forward to investigating. Thanks very much. I give it and you  10/10.

For those of us who only get short periods of time out on the hill there is no reason why the ingredients cannot be made at home and put into an air tight pour and store bag. This would save time in camp.

I think it would also suit vegetarians. (Apology if i am wrong). I'm sure fellow blogger Judith will let me know if i'm wrong.


John J said...

This all very well - it looks an excellent recipe that I'm going to try when I get home....but where do the 2 AA batteries go?

Not sure if Judith would like the recipe macaroni cheese y'see.



AlanR said...

I made my own transformer that works off 2 AA batteries to power the halogen hob, extractor fan and kitchen lighting. I was just changing them and forgot they were in shot.

Martin Rye said...

His name is Pete Jones he was a english teacher. He writes superbly, and his bothy entries are always excellent reads. I had a spate of making trail meals, but am too Lazy to be honest to bother. Boil water, pour, done. Rather spend time reading and watching the deer come down to the glen than mess around cooking.

John J said...

That's the thing with those AA Alkakines, just so much power from such a small package!


AlanR said...

I think one might be enough. Thats my next challenge!

AlanR said...

Hi Martin, Thanks for that. I assumed he did something like that but it was just a guess. Or had won the lottery. I have only ever read his blog posts. I don't get involved with other media. Like you with the trail food, i can't be bothered with it. The blog is enough media for me.
I must admit though when trail food is as easy and tasty as this i might well use it on weekend outings but make it up before leaving home.

Anonymous said...

Beanfeast always used to be Veggie but I've not had it for a while. I go through phases and fads with my camp cooking. For a while it was Supernoodles, then Beanfeast and Smash but now I'm on whatever packet pasta-in-sauce is quickest. Like Martin, I'm lazy! And JJ, I only eat so much Macaroni Cheese because the choice is often starvation!

AlanR said...

Well that's cleared that up. I knew you would. Thanks Judith.

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