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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Man Cave

My penance for entering this years TGO Challenge was to complete a long list of jobs that Sheila wanted doing around the house when i got back. The jobs kept getting put back and put back further, eventually you just have to get stuck in.

On the list included.
New garden fencing and gate.
New front garden gate
Extending the patio
Tiling the porch
Building a new log store for the wood burner which also included having to make a new concrete base.
And i think this was last; sorting out our shed which had become just a junk store. This turned out to be a bigger job than was originally planned because on closer inspection it was rotten in parts and needed replacement rather than repair.

We decided that we should buy a slightly bigger shed and then make it into a Man Cave. This would also required the extending of the concrete base to accommodate the extra length of shed. It also meant that when finished i would be able to lay my hands on my tool kit and therefore Sheila might get some more jobs done.

So apart from tiling the porch, all the other jobs are now complete with just a small amount of work left on the front gate.

A couple of readers have asked to see the Man Cave and the gate so here are a few pics.
The new Man Cave and a bit of the new fencing visible left. 
Oh and i forgot about the Pergola as it wasn’t on the original list but needed replacing.
The walls and roof are fully insulated and then panelled and painted.

 The new front garden gate.
Made completely from Canadian Western Red Cedar with 3 coats of Yacht varnish applied.

 The gate infill piece under construction. 10mm square bar. I’m just working on the curved top section at the moment. Then i need to MIG weld it all, spray it and fit it.


Dawn said...

Impressive Alan, very impressive, however, where are the tent pitches?????

AlanR said...

I do have enough space for about 4 just beyond the man cave.

Sir Hugh said...

That is brilliant and I am envious. A lot of my DIY involves de-camping to my daughter's abode so most of my tools are thrown into a series of plastic bread crates and I have to rummage about finding things. You are obviously much more disciplined. PerHaps I should buy a Transit van and fit it out inside a bit like your man cave. Thanks for the pics.

AlanR said...

I used to be disciplined but then over time i let it slip. I’m glad to have it sorted now because the kitchen table was becoming redundant as a place to eat.

AlanR said...

Well all I want to say is Alan you have done a fantastic job and worked so hard. The front garden gate is looking wonderful and to say thanks, there a pint or 2 waiting in the Ape & Apple on Thursday. Only the tiling in the porch and then you have served your penance. Lol x Sheila

AlanR said...

I thought you were doing the tiling.

FellBound said...

I was horrified by the pictures which show a shed full of tools. My tool kit comprises one screw driver, a hammer and a bent wire coat hanger. My never ending pre retirement quests for promtion were solely driven by the need to earn sufficient money to 'get a man in'. Or to'get a real man in' as Mrs F would say. There is no way I shall show her your blog post. It will confirm all her views of my ineptitude. I do have a shed, though, to store the bbq and the patio chairs.

AlanR said...

Mrs F has booked an appointment.

FellBound said...


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