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Friday, October 23, 2015

Shock and Awe

I read an article in the Manchester Evening News last night that seriously shocked me. I am not surprised by what i see around me but the numbers are frightening.

It said, 917,000 new National Insurance Numbers were given out in 6 months this year to foreign nationals. That’s close to 2 Million for the whole year if the trend continues.
Its no wonder the NHS, our trains, buses, roads, etc are so busy and are at the point of collapse.
To put that into some sort of perspective. That’s more new people than the combined populations of all the Islands listed below.

Isle of Man
Lewis and Harris
Isle of Sheppey
Isle of White
Walney Island
Orkney Island
Canvey Island
Hayling Island
Portsea Island
Mersea Island
Achill Island
South Uist
Scilly Isles

Figures courtesy of Wikipedia.

Can you just imagine what would happen if all these islands decided to move to the mainland all in one go? Well it seems that it’s kind of happening, but in a different way.


Alan Sloman said...

Hopefully all those new National Insurance Numbers will provide the taxation to cover the extra costs. However, there will inevitably be a time lag. I wonder how many people attached to those people there are, ie non working family members? I wouldn't have thought too many, as the bulk of immigration is from within the Europe Community. I may be wrong here.
It does put immense pressure on schools in areas of high immigration - both in terms of places and problems cause by lack of spoken English. But these problems should be short term - assuming that immigration slows, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of that at the moment.

AlanR said...

Hi Al, These numbers really shocked me. I never thought we were looking at such high numbers. Really Al this neefds a debate, as a short comment cannot cover all the questions that are raised. I find it hard to believe that such volumes are good for the country. I feel very sorry for the young and the unemployed and also the homeless Brits.
I think all this about incomers being good for the economy, is really about small numbers. Mass immigration is a different proposition. Also what worries me is that some percentage of these 917000 are going to be bad ones. Scary.
I'm for the idea of making it easier to cross borders, in fact I wish it was world wide and not just for Europeans but strict limits are essential and for me we have passed those limits.

Dawn said...

It is scary Alan. What is even scarier is this latest wave of refugees, although possibly ninety percent are genuine, there are Islamic state fighter mixed in with them. That has been confirmed from various sources, including some of the refugees.Also, a whole load of passports were recently purchased by the same people and from whom? Interestingly enough China.

AlanR said...

All the more reasons why we need stricter controls. I'm sick to death of being told we are a rich country and can take more. Rubbish. There are plenty of poor people in this country and they are given no priority. Too many do gooders.

Dawn said...

Amen to that Alan. A rich country!, hah, try telling that one to the out of work steel workers, why is our government selling us out to China, s country that cares little for its people, is notorious for being behind cyber crimes. Sorry, but I am very uncomfortable with the whole concept.

AlanR said...

Its a real mess isn't it.

Alan Sloman said...

The reason the Chinese are investing in Hinkley Point is simple: Because successive governments did not invest in nuclear (and it has to be said the blame lies mostly with the Blair / Brown Administrations 1997 - 2010) our nuclear construction expertise vanished.
This means we do not have any nuclear construction engineers who know how to design, and build, modern nuclear plants. That's why the French consortium came in. We need the Chinese because the French energy companies are in financial difficulties - only operating with the financial support of the French government. They do not have the money to complete Hinkley or the next generation of plants we need in short order.

The Chinese have lobbed money to Hinkley so they get the chance to build some of the remaining much needed plants.

Our own country has no money.

It was all spent by consecutive Labour governments massively increasing public budgets, and also bailing out our inept banking system. That's why we need the Chinese. We should bloody well get on our knees with gratitude, really.

As for our steel industry - If our steel workers worked for nothing they would not be able to produce steel at the market price. Sadly, heavy industry in the UK has been totally shafted by massive increases in energy costs - and you can blame the tossers in Greenpeace, WWF and FoE for that, along with the Labour Party (principally Ed Miliband when he was Energy Minister) and the Liberal Democrats, who had the energy portfolio in the last government. Europe should also be indicted as the principal enforcer of shutting down our coal plants to the directive signed up by Tony Blair.

AlanR said...

Well said Al. Thanks for that. Concise and to the point.

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