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Friday, February 12, 2016

Brooks Cascadia 10. - for info only.

Just thought i would pass on this info as i know numerous readers do like Brooks Cascadia’s 10 trail shoes.

As i walked through TKMax in Manchester something grabbed me by the collar and turned me round to face a whole shelf full of these selling at £29.99. Lots of sizes but only in blue or red. Stores in other places may have more colour options and i guess TKMAX have them because Cascadia 11 is now out. (Obviously the 11’s came out after M and G did a review here.)

So i now own a pair of the C10’s.  I did need them and couldn’t pass up a bargain. Hopefully they last longer than Micks.
Don’t linger, they won’t be there long at this price.


Gayle said...

The 11 looks, from the photo, to be a better design than the 10. But, at £30 the 10 has got to be worth a go (although I wouldn't set out on a 500-mile walk in them!).

AlanR said...

I will always carry Gorilla tape with me Gayle. Like you say at £30 its a no brainer.

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