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Monday, March 7, 2016

Brother, BRS-3000T Hornet Titanium Stove

Here’s quite an interesting little stove for all the lightweight gas stove backpackers.
The Brother, BRS-3000T Hornet Titanium Stove. Made in China.
It weighs just 25 grams on my scales and exactly what the specification says it should.
It comes in a tidy bag that weighs 2 grams.

This Photo showing thread connection and valve needle.
The stove fits onto common butane/propane/iso butane mixed canisters with the EN417 screw threaded self sealing safety valves.

The specification says Titanium and the majority of the stove is, except for the regulator and jet which i guess is brass, the regulator grip which is spring or stainless steel and the burner mesh cover which again looks steel or aluminium rather than titanium. So the weight of 25 grams is quite remarkable.

Power wise we are looking at 2700 watts, 140 grams of gas per hour, which for a small compact piece of kit is excellent. In comparison my Primus Express spider which is just 2000 watts and my Alpkit Kraku at 2600 watts.

I gave the stove a quick run out when the ambient temperature was  minus 2 degrees C and it boiled a 500ml cup of water in two and a half minutes with the regulator on full power.

The regulator is impressive and does simmer well.
For anyone interested in seeing how the flame performs, there is a YouTube video here.

One of the obvious things i noticed was that when used with the Primus wind screen the pot support is quite low down and so limits the useable pan width. The width of the screen is 111mm and so a pan width of 100mm is about as large as you want to go. Anything wider will cause oxygen starvation.

The Optimus screen has a larger diameter and would suit the stove better in my opinion.
Or you can MYOG to suit whatever pan you backpack with.

I bought this stove from Lixada on Amazon UK for £11.99 with free delivery. It took 5 days from order to delivery. I did expect a lot longer for delivery as the web page suggests but Lixada have a UK base and that made me a happy bunny.


Dawn said...

Interesting Alan, it is similar, both in weight and size to my Fire Maple. Again, it is made in China. My primus windscreen also needed a wee bit of tweaking to allow my pot to sit on the stove comfortably.

Nielsen Brown said...

Good to see that they are available somewhat locally. At the weight they almost eliminate a meths stove. One question is the thread for attaching to the canister brass or aluminium? Thanks.

AlanR said...

The thread is not an insert but machined in the body. The body which holds the regulator and jet is aluminium alloy not brass.

AlanR said...

Yes, very similar design to the Fire Maple but the burner head is a marked difference.
The Primus screen would need a fair bit of tweaking and would become a one stove screen. Which isn’t the end of the world.

QDanT said...

Beat you to it

AlanR said...

Just popped over for a read.

QDanT said...

It'll soon pay for it's self with the 100gms at £4.50 and the 470gms at £3.80 without asking they put 'stove part $9' on the customs form came through in about 2 weeks no problems, it's also handy for collecting all the bits of gas in nearly empty large canisters into one full one the pressure valve is handy as when the canisters equalize pressure no more liquid gas flows but a quick press vents the bottom canister and it starts to flow again. When you've filled you can weigh the canister and vent any over fill gas (outside)

AlanR said...

Thanks thats great.

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