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Monday, June 5, 2017

Circuit around Dovestones.

We had a few hours to spare and decided to have a walk around Dovestones reservoir. Upon arrival the clagg was really low. We had no gear to head off into the clouds but at least the reservoirs were clear. With slight mizzle we bravely left the car and headed off in an anti clockwise direction or for those who have only known digital timepieces that's going right to left. For those who don't know their left from their right please stay off the hills.

Its quite a busy old place with very few parking spaces left at 10.30 am. The walking is easy and the scenery is lovely when its not covered in mist.
Here are a few photo's from the walk.
 Dovestones reservoir.


 Dovestones below Yeomans Hey.

 Looking across Yeomans Hey reservoir.
 Crossing over at Yeomans Hey Reservoir.
Looking back towards Greenfield Reservoir
Route just about 4 easy miles.


Sir Hugh said...

Looks good. Lots of footpaths in that area. Unknown territory for me. I think the mist gives good atmosphere.

Dawn said...

Lovely photos Alan. Looks a nice walk

AlanR said...

Hi Conrad, Its an area of my youth. I had not been back for a long time so it was a real memory jogger.

Hi Dawn, Lovely walk, i had forgotten just how nice it was. I remember a petrified forest up at Chew but we never got up there this time.

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