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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Silva simi light review.

The Silva Simi is a small lightweight lamp. Made originally for cycling.

I found it to have a number of other uses than what it was designed for.
The lamp itself weighs only 16 grams and that includes the two cr2032  batteries that power 3 LED bulbs giving off 17 lumens.
The light has two functions, constant or strobe.
Battery life is stated at 100 hours when on strobe and 24 hrs on constant.

The case and clip is tough plastic with a silicone strap. Waterproofing is IPX6 std which is splashproof.
Size, 30mm diameter x 20mm thick.
It's available in white light or red light. The white light is what i have.

I found it to be an excellent tent light, easily fastening to my roof clip, giving off plenty of light to cook, read and find gear in the rucksack.

With it's stretchy silicone strap it is easily fitted onto a walking pole handle, illuminating in front of you and warning any oncoming traffic of your presence.

It can also be fastened to the front or rear of your rucksack, again for those night hikes.

It doesn't take much imagination either, that with a piece of 3mm bungy cord you can turn this into a lightweight head torch and because it is designed for cycles, the light is adequate.
Oh yes. You can also use it on your bike.

For such a tiny piece of kit I think it's fantastic and has now replaced my trusty Petzl e-light.
Cost is quite variable and worth checking out prices on numerous websites but max price is around £7.
 I paid £2.99 from Dash4it in conjunction with a map purchase.

You may also be interested in the Silva Tyto light which is similar. Click Here.


Dawn said...

Brilliant idea!! Ahem, yes! It is a very handy wee thing though. Will keep my eyes open for one.

AlanR said...

Thanks Dawn. You won't be disappointed if you get one.

Anonymous said...

Sold! I'm convinced - I shall be looking into getting a couple of these. Thanks.

AlanR said...

No probs, thats what blog share is all about. passing on info.

afootinthehills said...

A bit late but I'm sold too. Thanks Alan.

Notice you have Pacer Poles. I think they are great though I couldn't get the light ones as they were out of production when I bought mine some years ago.

AlanR said...

Glad you like it Gibson.
The pacers are Sheila's. I have Alpkit carbons. The pacers are terrific from the times I've tried them.

-maria- said...

I've been using a similar light during the darker months of the year - you don't really need a light in Finland in June ;-) But this Silva seems to be more effective than mine, I think 17 lumens is pretty good for a light of this size.

And yes - blogging again. Got pretty frustrated with Blogger & Flickr and started from scratch again. We'll see if I'll regret not choosing some other platform...

AlanR said...

Hi Maria, lovely to hear from you again. The light is pretty impressive.
I know what you mean about blogger and flickr, i am the same. I shall pop over to your blog.

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