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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 4 cont.

This pic is where I had planned to camp if the weather had played ball.
As it is I am now looking at wonderful scenery. It's 11.00am and it's stopped raining. The wind has picked up quite a bit.
Talked to a lady runner from Cockermouth doing the Coniston high circuit.
I had forgotten how many good camp spots are beside the Walna, hindsight.
At the watershed I met the runner coming off Brown Pike, she said she couldn't run over Dow as the wind was blowing her over.
I lunched at Walna quarries before heading down into Seathwaite where my mate at Turner Hall campsite has just bought a new Massey Ferguson tractor. Pictures will be published when I get home.
It's been a very wet 4 days baring Tuesday afternoon but I have enjoyed it non the less. I will expand the post when I get back.


Dawn said...

Well done Alan!

AlanR said...

Thanks for the comments Dawn. All in all you have to put up with the bad weather sometimes.

Phreerunner said...

Nothing like a summery backpack is there Alan? Sounds like you sort of enjoyed it anyway...

AlanR said...

Having webbed feet would have helped.

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