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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday day 3

Wednesday day 2 was a complete washout. I was wet right through. I had hopes of going to High Dam but the flag was down and torrential rain. Decided that I just needed to do miles and forget sight seeing.
Thank God, no pun intended, for Rusland church where I sheltered for half hour and dripped everywhere. Got to Slatterthwaite and camped..
Today started fine and I'm now in Grizrdale forest heading for Coniston.
More later.


Dawn said...

Bad news when you get lousy weather Alan. Hope the sky brightens for you.

Sir Hugh said...

Bravo for sticking it out. All the places you mention resonate with pleasure.

AlanR said...

No option Conrad.

AlanR said...

Lousy is very polite. Ha

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