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Friday, September 8, 2017

Walk to British Cemetary

Another scorcher of a day and so humid, we should have stayed around our pool but we decided to walk the 5 or 6km to the British Cemetery across the bay of Argostoli.
It's another steep start before an even steeper drop down into the town square.
Once on the waterfront we decided to have a second breakfast at the Grand Hotel. Walking down the waterfront where plenty of folk were searching out the turtles we stopped at the fruit market which is fantastic.
The bridge across the bay is 1km long and has been recently refurbished. They've done a good job.
At the other end of the bridge I spotted what I at first thought was a Renault tractor but it was an old Zetor painted orange.
There is a good cafe just before the cemetery but we chose to pass it and call in on the way back.
Would you believe it! The cemetery gates were padlocked with a notice to ring a certain telephone number. We were so disappointed.
Well we now had time on our hands. A quick discussion and we were on our way to the ferry terminal. The crossing to Lixouri and back with the sea breeze would be wonderful.
On our way back down the waterfront we spotted a lone turtle and got to the ferry just as it was arriving. Great timing.
The crossing only costs €2.80 each way and is great value. The breeze was delightful.
Parked outside the terminal was a Willis Jeep in superb condition.
We got back into Argostoli at around 1.45pm and had lunch at the Premier restaurant in the main square. Fantastic service and far too much food, we won't need tea or supper that's for sure.
Dorothy has a few blisters which were hurting a bit now that we had stopped so she got a taxi back with Sheila.
I walked back up the hill and across the headland back to Lassi.
A hot but rewarding walk.


  1. You don't miss trick with those tractors!

  2. The shape of the hood is the 1st giveaway clue. It's just like knowing the difference between a Ford Mondeo and a VW Golf. It's unusual though for a farmer to change the colour so I guess this one has corporation colours.


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