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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Off to Cumbria

Having returned home from Greece and done some repairs in the house I still haven’t sorted my photos out to post on the blog.
However, Sheila’s sister and OH are here and are looking after Dorothy which has given us an opportunity to go for a hike.
Finding our gear has been a bit hit and miss after all this time and my rucksack definately is not light.
All I can tell you about the trip is this.
We get the train to Grange over sands tomorrow (Friday). Go up Hampsfell and across to Bigland tarn via Cartmel and the coastal ridge.
We camp overnight at the stables and then head off via Newby Bridge and High Dam to the campsite at Satterthwaite. This part of our walk was missed when I did this in 2017 due to the awful weather I had, so I’m really looking forward to this bit.
From Satterthwaite we head over the top to Coniston and the next day up and over the Walna Scar to Seathwaite where we will camp at Turner Hall and visit friends and probably volunteer to do a few jobs.
Depending on how long we stay in Seathwaite will determine which route we go next, we will head to Windermere to get the train home. It will either be up and along all the Coniston tops and down to Elterwater or Back over the Walna and through Grizedale to Far Sawrey.
We have to be back in Manchester a week on Wednesday at the latest. Fingers crossed for good weather.


Sir Hugh said...

Sounds good. You're welcome for a brew if you're passing anywhere near Arnside. Email me to arrange if you want rather than me putting details in the public domain.

Al said...

Hi Alan
Enjoy the trip, hope the weather is better than last time :-)

afootinthehills said...

This does sound an excellent trip Alan.

AlanR said...

Thanks Conrad. We will be flying past yours on the Barrow train. Unfortunately we won’t be in a position to call on you this trip. Thanks anyway.

AlanR said...

Thanks Alistair. Yes I hope it is better weather. The forecast is ok. I’m repeating this leg because Sheila hasn’t done it before.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson. Luckily we don’t have to rush to get somewhere. We can take our time and enjoy the surroundings. None of the day distances are long days so that will help with our lack of fitness.

Dawn said...

Sounds great, wish you both all the best. have a good trip.

AlanR said...

Hope so. Thanks Dawn.

Phreerunner said...

Hoping you had a great time. And a magical Wednesday.

Mark said...

Bit late now, but I hope you had a good time!

AlanR said...

Thanks Martin. I will do a blog post soon.

AlanR said...

Thanks Mark. We did except for the storm.

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