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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Topo Hydraventure 2 Trail shoes first review.

"Topo", if you didn't know, is the name of the guy who owns the company. Tony Post. The company, Topo Athletic is a young company from the US and was founded in 2013.

I bought these for £125 from Castleberg Outdoors in Settle. 
First thoughts, very very light. very smart.
Weight size UK8 mens. (My scales) 644 grams per pair. Company bumf says 564 grams so there is a big discrepancy there. They are still very light but the info provided should be correct.

Waterproof with eVent lining, The eVent is bonded to the outer fabric so there is only one seam on the shoe and that runs up the heel. I would suggest that the use of insoles such as "Superfeet"would cause the event to cut. So not recommended to change to that type of insole. The supplied footbed is really comfy anyway.

The tongue is gusseted to stop water and soil ingress and to reduce pressure on top of the foot.

Sole is Vibram Megagrip with 4mm lugs.

Upper, is single piece laminated with breathable mesh panels. No stitching to come undone.

The mid sole is the usual EVA type but this has a built in rock guard which protects the sole of the foot when walking or running on hard ground. If you have ever used a deep lugged shoe then you will know how painful it can become.
Sole wraps up the front of the toe box.

The drop from front to back is 3mm. The front measures 20mm and the rear 23mm. The heel is stiffly supported to prevent the foot rocking and maintaining stablility.

Good quality laces. Stay tight.

Very roomy toe box. I would suggest that folk who have a narrow foot buy with care. I consider i have a wide foot and there is still plenty of room. In fact i might start wearing Injinji socks.

My first 20km in them haven't thrown up any issues to the negative in fact the main things, comfort, waterproofness and grip have proved excellent. But, just like wearing a waterproof jacket all day you will find that the sweat your feet generate can make your socks damp although you don't feel it during use. I don't mean wet, just damp.

There are lugs on the back of the heel which are there to take the Topo short gaiter, made especially for this shoe and cost around £14-£15.

The material is very easy to clean and the company also supply a spare pair of laces in the box.

Thats my first impression after 20km. I will report back after 200km.


Phreerunner said...

Looks good, Alan. More robust than my Salomon Speedcross, but much more expensive. Good to see you out on a walk as well.
Take care

AlanR said...

I needed a new pair as my old Ecco boots have just started leaking. Probably because they were not used for a while. The toe box is good for hiking and running, especially down hill as they allow your foot to spread. I’ve done 70 km in them so far, only local walks but over mixed terrain and of course in the recent ice and frost. They are a bit pricey like you say but if they last then they are worth it. I will do another review at 200km and then I will have a better idea of the good and bad sides.
As for getting out, I am now starting to feel the itchy feet and I am constantly looking at new routes. So I know I am getting back to normal. I’m not rushing into it though.

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