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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Heversham Head

Setting off from home, it rained. All the way up the M6 to junction 36 it rained. Luckily traffic was quite calm.
It was close to lunch time so we decided to go to the cafe at Farleton Fly fishery. A bit of a hideaway place. It was shut and doesn't open until 5th March. Gutted.

We headed off down the very narrow lanes and looked for a parking place at Heversham village. Crickey they dont want visitors here, no official parking places as far as we could see.

We found a spot not far from the Church, on the main road. It was still raining, blowy and cold. Having donned our wet gear we found our way into the church which for a small village is huge and dates way back in time. We met a chap in there who could have been the warden and he told us of the route up to Haversham Head. That was where we were heading anyway but it was a pleasant chat.

Haversham Church
St Oswald Windows. 
There is a good path through the church yard, passing some very big and obviously expensive grave stones. We love looking at the history in church yards.
Anyway it wasn't a nice enough day to dawdle so upwards we went. The route is obvious until you leave the last of the houses and then I guess there has been some new fencing put up. Fortunately we found a gate through to the field which has a viewing point and a trig point. The route is not shown on the OS map.

 OS trig Point on Haversham Head

The views on a good day would be wonderful but today was not that day. The mist and rain had put paid to that. But it was good to be out anyway. 
From the trig point we could see a rugby playing field and our route went through it so it was an easy downhill walk back off the top. We picked up the old railway line path which is not shown as a path on OS map but it is permissive. We followed it back until we came to a road bridge and steps up to it. There were many houses to admire and we were soon back at the car.


Al said...

Hi Alan
Glad to see you've been out and about....and on "my patch" as well! Less than 3 miles as the crow flies.
Shame you had a wet day for it, because as you say it's a great viewpoint. On a sunny evening especially.
Thanks for posting.
Tek' care

AlanR said...

As normal Alistair. Rain, wind and cold. Good spot for a run from your place then.

Sir Hugh said...

Perhaps the best view in my area (on a good day.} You could have gone to Café Ambio at the new auction mart just off Jct. 36
SD 536 822 where I go with my friend Pete after our weekly Thursday walks. All the route you walked is very familiar to me.

AlanR said...

Hi Conrad, yes, I did know about cafe Ambio because of your blog, thanks. Our route was new to us but I guessed you would have done it. As it’s so close to you, you probably know a good parking place too. It’s a nice area.

Al said...

We've had our share of rain would have been difficult to pick a dry day!
Never run up there, usually an evening walk for us...Farleton Knott is my closest hill...also an excellent viewpoint.

AlanR said...

We certainly have Alistair. Farelton knott is one I look at from the M6 but never been up it. I was going to say, I’m not sure I could run up the front of it but decided to say, I definately couldn’t run up the front of it.

Al said... is very steep...the main problem is the dense gorse...I should really get up there with some secateurs! Parking options are easier as well!

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