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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Northumberland Coast Path. Boulmer tractors.

Boulmer. Start Day 3. Tractors only.

Boulmer, pronounced Boomer. Turned out to be a good stopping point. The pub was good, lively, friendly. The locals support the pub and with it being an agricultural area, the subject of tractors came up in conversation.
Sheila and I were invited to sit with a few of them and we chatted late into the evening.
The landlord even bought us both a beer. Very kind. We will return there when all this virus trouble is over.

It turned out we were in tractor heaven. There were many and one which you don't see too often.

A Fordson Super Major 2 wheel drive. built between 1961 and 64.

 Ford TW-20. 4 wheel drive. 1979-83. A bigger tractor than it looks at 150hp.

 And the gem. A Muir Hill, beast of a machine, not seen too often. Made in Old Trafford Manchester between 1972-83. Pity it wasn't a 141 model as I've never seen one. The company used to make narrow gauge trains prior to tractors.

 Renault 175-74. 4 wheel drive. Built 1989 to 72. 160hp. Powerful machine.

Massey Ferguson 7720 tractor. 185hp. 4 wheel drive. Built in AGCO plant in Beauvais France. A plant that I know very well. This belongs to a farmer I was talking to last night.

Now to get on with the walk.


Sir Hugh said...

I would like to have been a fly on the wall to witness how the conversation was initially manipulated to focus on your subject. I can do the ssme thing when talking to somebody who has no interest or knowledge whatsoever in or of long distance walking - well done Alan. Love the pictures - I wouldn't have seen that Fordson as being special but I bow to your expertise.

AlanR said...

Hi Conrad. The conversation started as we walked towards the pub earlier. There was a JCB moving 2 picnic tables into the grounds of the pub. We stopped to look at the machine not looking at the driver or the tables. Later when we got invited to join the locals table the driver said he thought we were looking odd at him moving tables with a JCB. I said no, we were looking at the machine. He said he was the farmer from across the road, so asked him was that his 7000 series Massey parked there. And the rest is history. We talked for ages.

I don't think I said the Fordson was special. It's name is the Super Major if that's what you mean. There are loads of Fordsons about and there are loads used in the harbour industry.

Thanks for the comment about the pictures I was using a new camera and I realise how little I know about photography.

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