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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Reed windpoof cagoule

 My first view of this windproof or windshirt happened in July 2010. I posted on my blog about its presence in the market when other similar products were costing 2 or 3 times more.
I had bought the Montane lite speed windshirt only a few weeks earlier so I was a bit miffed at the time. The Reed cost only £25 in 2010.
Currently I own 3 windproof s, the Rab Boreas Pull On, the BlackDiamond Alpine Start and the Outdoor Research Ferrosi Jacket. However. Having lost my Montane, I wanted a new Pertex one.
Then I remembered that I had posted about one many years ago. I wondered if it was still available. I was amazed to find it still going and better still it was great value for money at £33.
I have now worn it long enough to give you my review of it.
The Reed Windcheater Jacket. 
Material. Pertex Quantum
It does look like an old crisp packet when you first take it out of its stuff sack but it doesn't take long for the creases to go.

Weight. 80 grams. Including the stuff sack.
The stuff sack is permanently attached to the inside seam and when stashed the jacket takes up no more room than a tennis ball.
There is no hood.
There are no pockets.
The sleeves and bottom hem are elasticated.
The style of the jacket is Pull On, like a cagoule.
The zip is a non waterproof YKK. With an attached zip pull.
The sizing is generous, allowing for layering.
The length is also generous and the rear tail easily covers your bottom.
The Pertex has a DWR. (Direct Water Repelency.)
For its weight the material is strong.
This top suits me and gives me what I was looking for. A lightweight compact windproof with the capability of withstanding a shower. It won't suit everyone as I know some folk want only a windproof that isn't water resistant because of the reduced breathability. It can get warm wearing it but in its defence the current weather in UK is very warm. I have not suffered any condensation though.
I was very surprised at how good it performed in the wet. You can get away without reverting to a waterproof shell jacket for quite some time. And it dries very quickly.
What I would change.
 - it would be better to incorporate a hood, but I knew it didn't have one when I ordered it.
The neck is a little loose for me (size 16.5"). As is shown in the image above. Elasticated neck would be better. I will probably add a strip of elastic myself.
I am not keen on the storage bag being attached to the inner seam. It can drop below the hem and become vulnerable to getting caught. I will try and remove it without damaging the jacket.
I would have preferred a choice of colour. There is only black.
That's about it. A simple, affordable, lightweight, well made wind proof with water resistant capabilities. Not perfect, but I would have to pay a lot more to get one that's better.

Since posting this I have now removed the stuff sack but it cannot be removed from the jacket seam without causing damage to the sack or the seam. Considering I have the original stuff sack from my Montane Lite Speed I decided to discard the Reed stuff sack and leave the jacket seam in good condition. An easy decision.

Similar product.


Sir Hugh said...

My ancient Mardale Pertex windproof that I posted about recently has other features making it perfect for my requirements - a zip jacket, a hood and two pockets.but it does weigh 169gms. so you have a trade off with the weight. In any case the Mardale is no longer avalable. I reckon I bought it perhaps twenty years ago. It is high up in my list of favourite kit.

AlanR said...

Yes I agree with everything you say there Conrad. I think the extras of the hood and pocket are worthwhile. Considering its 20yrs old your jacket must have been the bees knees then. There are materials coming out of Japan now which are half the weight of Pertex and perform wel,l so there will be a new generation of jackets appearing soon.
I think I just about recall the Mardale jacket. Probably from an advert in the TGO magazine or Climber and Rambler.

afootinthehills said...

It worked Alan. I didn’t get the notification until this morning but that’s Blogger for you.

I don’t have a pure windproof, not of recent vintage anyway, since I find that even in summer I have to carry a waterproof as well. In 2017 I bought a Rab Kinetic Active (not the Alpine) jacket in Proflex, a very comfortable stretchy fabric which is windproof, waterproof and very breathable. It’s a lot heavier than your new Reed windproof which sounds a super buy, but it certainly doesn’t feel like 320g (I was surprised at this figure when I checked this morning). It’s the jacket I reach for from late spring and early autumn.

With notifications up and running I’ll look forward to following your blog ‘in real time’ from now on!

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson, Phew, thanks for letting me know its working. What I have learnt over the years is to trust what your brain tells you. If you automatically go to a certain item of hiking gear then that is the right one for you. For day to day, I go for my Outdoor Research jacket, but it is a little heavy for backpacking, so I would take the Reed. I still cannot come to love my Rab Borealis or my Black diamond Alpine start.

afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan - if you’re not that fond of your Borealis, you probably wouldn’t like the Kinetic either.

AlanR said...

The Kinetic is a full waterproof I believe. I’m quite surprised at just how many jackets Rab have to offer. The Kinetic looks good to be fair and I will have a look at it in the flesh next time I am in Manchester.

afootinthehills said...

Yes, waterproof -10000mm. I’ve never been wet, but from late autumn until around April or if the forecast is for heavy rain and wind, I take my ME jacket. I will say that if only wearing a short-sleeved base layer with the Kinetic, the fabric can feel a little clammy. Rarely am I only wearing a short-sleeved base layer though! The Alpine version has reinforced shoulders etc but I don’t think it has a higher waterproof rating.

AlanR said...

Just watched a couple of videos about it and the Alpine version. It is the type of jacket I would like to be honest. One because I'm not keen on wearing hard shell jackets and two I do like jackets with pockets. If my OR jacket was waterproof it would be very similar. Thats the only problem with my OR jacket, when it rains I have to change it, so the Kinetic is best of both worlds. Good choice Gibson.

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