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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goretex Socks

Our thanks go to Laura for finding a pair of Gore-tex socks which fit Sheila. We had been looking for a small pair of GT socks for ages, as those who read this blog will know. 

If anybody else is looking for a pair you can find them HERE  (just type Goretex socks in the product search). I would have put the exact page in as a link rather than just the company but pages have a habit of changing.

Much easier than ordering them from USA.
Thanks again Laura.


afootinthehills said...

Thanks for that information Alan.

I notice that the OS have announced free mapping (OpenData) but not free paper maps, which is a pity since I still like 'proper' maps. Still, it's a very welcome move.

Laura said...

No problem! I came across them quite by accident when looking for something else! I hope they are ok.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson, I didn't think that the paper maps would be free. It would cost the OS a small fortune.
As you say, a least opendata is a welcome start.

Laura, I will let you know when they arrive.

Unknown said...

I'm using the Trekmates Amphibian Goretex socks since last year, and they're excellent. Available at

AlanR said...

Hendrik, hello to you and thanks for posting comment.
The socks that we needed are size 36/37. This has been the problem.
I could only find the right size in the USA before Laura found those at Rutland cycling.
The Trekmates small size, start at 40/41 for some reason, which are obviously too big.
When they arrive, hopefully today, i shall post our first impressions. - Thanks, Alan.

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