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Monday, April 26, 2010

Gosforth Weekend Apr.22-26th 2010

We go up to Sheila's mums in Gosforth Cumbria every 3 weeks to take her shopping. If we are lucky we can usually get a walk in, that is if it's not too long or too strenuous.
Fridays forecast was good so i picked a walk up to Burnmoor Tarn starting from Giggle Alley in Eskdale Green.
 The route follows the river Mite to the head of the Miterdale valley and across to the tarn and back by the same track.
Not hilly and only about 9 miles.
  The River Mite at Porterthwaite bridge.

The Land Rover Track leads to the farm of Low Place where the unusual sign in old Cumbrian reads Footpath to Eskdale.

Once through the farm a track on either side of the river can be taken, we crossed the footbridge and stayed on the RH bank.
Miterdale Track with Sca Fell in the background. 
The walk up Miterdale is very pleasant and today there was not a breath of wind and for a change it was sunny. At the head of the valley there is a beautiful natural amphitheatre. 
We decided to stop here for luch before moving off to the tarn.
We were being entertained by the Ravens swooping down on the sheep and there were plenty of Skylarks. We even saw a Grey Shriek.(Should be Shrike, Thanks Martin. I must start wearing the glasses.)
 Head of Miterdale
Burnmoor Tarn.
After walking back to Eskdale we decided to have a beer in Gosforth Hall, just to celebrate the achievement you understand.
A nice pint of Yate's Fever Pitch and a glass of Chardonnay before Tea.

The beautiful fireplace in Gosforth Hall Inn with the widest span arch in the uk (reputedly).

Thankfully we decided to do this walk Friday as this turned out to be the best day of the weekend. Saturday was reasonable but Sunday was horrid. The mist was really low and we didn't see the hills all day. As the day wore on the mist got worse until it was down to village level.


Phreerunner said...

Nice one, Alan - the 'Grey Shriek' reminds me of the Mad Bird of Orthwaite

AlanR said...

I don't know, this dislektik hand of mine. An edit is due!

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