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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Delios Peaty water test.

The question had been raised "would the Super Delios water filter clear Kinder peat colouring".
So yesterday we went up to Blackstone edge and i collected some peaty water for the test.
Test sample of Peaty coloured water which also contained quite a lot of solids too.

Squeezing the water through the Super Delios filter.

As you can see from the above photo, the filter does remove the peat colouring from the water.

Here is the final result. Perfectly clear drinkable water.
And to prove that we didn't cheat we had an independent adjudicator to watch the testing, well it's our friend Tina from Seathwaite in the Lake District actually. 
Then she kindly acted as guinea pig and drank the water. 

Hope that answers the question.


Martin Rye said...

Super job. i am getting one and going for a wild camp in the Peak District. Nice find Alan this bit of kit.

AlanR said...

Glad to have helped Martin. Have a good one in the Peak D.

Anonymous said...

You should be on commission. I've ordered one! :)

AlanR said...

It would be nice to be on a commission but it's what i like about outdoor blogs, we pass on information, we find out what's good and what's not. If we can help each other that is reward enough for me.
Glad you liked it anyway.

Alan Sloman said...

Ta Alan!
I shall be ordering one too. Wonderful thing; blogs (I really must get back to mine!)

Mac E said...

I'm tempted myself for the weight saving although I like the versatility of the In-Line filter.

AlanR said...

Alan. Good on you.
Yes, get back to your blog. We want to read about your Haute route.

Richard, The in-line filter looks good and i could adapt it to my needs but having found this one i think the versatility is better.
It's all a matter of what suits and if the travel tap doesn't clear peaty colouring as you have said, then this Delios is a better buy. (In my opinion)

Unknown said...

It looks good - but I think I'll stick with my Sawyer for the moment - I can stick it in a bottle or use it in-line.

afootinthehills said...

I'll also be buying one. Lynne can have the heavier Aquagear! Thanks again Alan.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
There's no point in changing just for change sake. If you are pleased with your filter then that's good. I wouldn't have looked elsewhere if my Travel Tap hadn't have broken. But now i am glad that it did.

If you pass on all your heavier gear, Lynne's going to need a pony soon!

Anonymous said...

Just taken delivery. A very neat bit of gear. Much easier to use than the Travel Tap. Thanks for alerting me to this.

AlanR said...

My pleasure.
I hope that you find it equally neat in the field, especially as you have other bottle size options to use, ie Platypus.
The weight of it and the ability to roll the bottle up is ideal isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Comparing the blurb for the Delios and Travel Tap, they are slightly different.

The Travel Tap claims to remove pesticides, chemicals and heavy meatals as well as viruses and bacteria. The Delios removes bacteria and moulds.

The TT will purify 1600 litres whereas the Delios has a life of 200 litres.

I still think the Delios ought to be more than adequate for mountain use (and lighter and more elegant). The TT might be better where conamination is worse, e.g. lowland areas.

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
Blurb for blurb there is a difference. But for what we use it for, and i say we as people who tread the mountains paths etc rather than the military or aid workers, it is more than adequate.

I did a like for like internet check prior to ordering it and i considered the differences acceptable.
200 litres capacity will last me a couple of years at least, so i didn't mind that cost penalty. It's still money well spent just on the weight saving.

And if the water is contaminated with chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals i wouldn't touch it with or without a filter. Even boiling it will not remove them. In this instance, there will more than likely be a better source of water available nearby.

As previously posted, for me the clincher is the weight, the lack of bulk, no external threads, sits outside the bottle and the versatility with the Platy. In this respect i consider it better than the TT.

Sorry for the long comment.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right. For what we use it for, it's ideal and better than the TT. Looking forward to using it.

AlanR said...

I will be using it this weekend in the Lakes so if i have any problems with it i will let you know.
Keep me posted on how you get on.

Anonymous said...

My TT weighs in with the cover at 214g. Was there water in your filter at the time or something?

Definitely worth looking at this new kid on the block. Is it any easier to squeeze water through the filter than the TT?

On the Challenge I used my TT to fill a platypus each day, and I found it hard work. The sliding valve assembly on the top was also easy to accidentally half close, making the job even harder. In the end, I got performance by lying it on a suitable rock and kneeling on it! :)


AlanR said...

I repaired my filter and i don't think that it had any water in it. I will double check when i get back home from the Lakes on Tuesday and confirm.

The Delios is miles easier to get water through the filter than the TT. It takes hardly any effort at all.
I know what you mean about the TT. Mine was quite an ordeal too. It's that tough bottle thats the problem.
I don't think that the Delios is particularly new on the market, i guess it's just not been marketed much.

Thanks for your comment.

AlanR said...

Now back home after a wonderful weekend in the Lakes.
I checked the TT filter again as per your query and found a very small amount of residue water in the element.
I blew out the filter a couple of times until i was sure that nothing else remained and rechecked the weight.
The weight all up, bottle, filter, top, coolbag and strap weighed 255gr. The filter element was damp but i don't think it would make that much difference.
Why there would be 41gr difference between yours and mine, i do not know, especially if your bottle is 650ml capacity.

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