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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boris? Is that you?

I was reading Mike Knipes blog about his pet spider going missing when i saw this beut trying to open the beer chiller!
It must have been 150-175mm across.
I was going to smack it with my slipper but decided it might smack me back so i left it.
It drank 3 pints of Black Sheep, burped and did a runner.  Is it yours Mike?
Last seen heading for the M62 with a dog in tow.


Mike Knipe said...

Not sure Alan - right kind of size, but I need to see its face. Mine had an adolf hitler moustache and spindly legs. I'd go and look for it if it wasn't so muscular....

Phreerunner said...

Surely not the same one - it couldn't possibly have got through Lancashire's border controls.
Could it?

AlanR said...

The odd thing was that it had a white mark on it's chest that looked very much like a rose tattoo and it was very scary.. Could have done.

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