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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Upcoming walk

This Thursday will see Sheila and i off to pick Dorothy up from Gosforth Cumbria and Sheila is bringing her back to Manchester on saturday to Shop!
I will be staying on and have planned a walk which will lead me to Seathwaite in the Duddon valley for Tuesday night.
Wednesday i will hopefully join up with some friends who are better known as The last of the summer wine walkers.
I have no idea what walk they have in mind but it will be fun.

My trek from Gosforth to Seathwaite will not be direct or the shortest route, but to be honest it all depends on the weather what route i actually will take. Currently its not looking to good.
Anyway if it's as bad as it is right now i may call in at Hollins campsite in Eskdale and give it a whirl. I will decide on saturday afternoon when i know the forecast.
I believe you have to book a pitch beforehand.

I have a couple of stoves i want to test out and also the Super Delios water filter which i have tried but not in too much anger. So i will see how that goes.

I have packed my rucksack and it weighs 8.5kg all up. Including food for 3 days, the complete Odyssee tent which i usually share with Sheila, with it weighing around 1.8kg, 2 lightweight stoves and fuel which is meths.
I must post a kit list one day.

Sheila will pick me up on Friday, and then we will both carry on walking for a further 3 days. No route has yet been decided at this time. Again it will depend if this low weather system still prevails.


  1. We didn't book at Hollins, so you should be OK just to turn up. In high season you need to book. Give them a ring if you are unsure. They are very helpful.

  2. Thanks Robin, thats good to know.


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