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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarp 2

I had a postal delivery from Uncle Sam today. Well to be more precise, from Henry at Tarptent. I was surprised how quickly it has been delivered as i knew i had to wait about 10 days for the next batch to be delivered.
I placed the order for the Scarp 2 on the 6th October. So thats 15 days from order placement to opening the box. I think that is pretty good.
The other thing that surprised me was that all the Scarps i had seen (well 3 actually) had been silver colour and that’s what i expected to get, but having opened the box it turns out to be a very nice light green colour. Thats even better in my opinion.

I ordered the tent with the solid interior which will give a little bit more warmth over the mesh interior, and i also ordered the extra poles for 4 season use.
I had a quick look at the quality of the stitching, the zip and the sleeve and it looks very well made.

Well, that’s about as far as i can take this for now as we are off to visit Sheila’s mums in Cumbria today and also to deliver one of my beer bottle stoves to the landlord of Gosforth Hall Inn, so it will have to wait until i can get some time to erect it in the garden.
Next week hopefully, if the rain holds off.


Mark Roberts said...

Excellent - looking forward to seeing the first pitching!

Alan Sloman said...

Really looking forward to hearing about your new Scarp 2, Alan as I am considering it as a two person option (My Warmlite 2C is really suited for just me).
It sounds like Henry's customer service is first class.
Did you go for the option of the flysheet down to the ground like you can do with the Scarp 1?

The Odyssee said...

Cheers. So am i. But like i posted it won’t be this weekend unfortunately and i have to seal the seams too.

No complaints over the service. 1st class.
As far as i am aware Alan they are all down to the ground now. But i can stand corrected.
If i remember an email off Henry a while ago, i am pretty sure he said the new batch will be lower to the ground. I hope it is anyway!
We will see.

markswalkingblog said...

Alan - look forward to the review. Plenty of reviews on Scarp 1 but not seen any for the 2.
Just bought a Hilleberg Soulo for winter use.

The Odyssee said...

I will do a first thoughts review asap, that is if the weather is reasonable next week. Sheila is trying to sort out her schedule so that we can get a weekend away soon.
You have a good tent there with the Soulo, you must do a review also.

-maria- said...

Looking forward to further comments on Scarp 2! I have considered the Hogback from TarpTent for family use, it's kind of "Scarp 4".

15 days is not much (although waiting for new gear to arrive always feels like a loooong time), and the greenish colour sounds nice.

The Odyssee said...

I had a look at the Hogback and the Scarp 4 and they both are good tents. However, for family use when a car is being used i think you will probably find something more suitable locally and better value for money.
On the other hand if you are considering family backpacking with these tents or Kayaking then they will be very practical.

The 15 days was great, i expected 4 weeks from the US especially with the 10 days i knew i had to wait for production.
I once waited 6 weeks for a CD from the US.

-maria- said...

Yes, the Hogback would be for family backpacking. We have a fairly decent tent for car camping, but the weight (and also the pack size!) is a problem for backpacking. To be realistic I must add that it'll take maybe 3-4 years before we go backpacking as a whole family, so this is not a very actual question to be solved. But there are not very many lightweight tents out there which would sleep 4-5 persons.

The other - and I think more probable - option for us is to carry two tents (when/if we ever backpack as a family), one 2 person and one 3 person tent. That might be a more versatile solution.

But anyway, I like to keep my eyes open for the alternatives! :)

The Odyssee said...

Or, 2 scarp 2's.

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