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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Curry walk

 Like the bus, you get one and another is right behind it.
This is how i received an email last week to see if i fancied a walk from Timperley to Manchester Centre.
I was going to say “city" centre but being a red i don’t like using the other word too much.

 So it was, that fellow bloggers Martin and JJ  both invited me on the walk.

 It’s a walk along the Bridgewater canal from Timperley into Manchester and then a Curry late lunch, a beer and then home.
All i had to do was to get to Timperley for 9.30 ish, am.

 The transport proved quite easy with a bus from Rochdale into Manchester Shudehill and then a tram to Timperley on the Altrincham line. Altogether it took about 1 1/2 hrs.
On arrival at Martin and Sue’s i was greeted with a nice slice of carrot cake and fresh coffee. Before long JJ,Viv, and Mick (Aka Mick and Gayle blog) arrived and a discussion ensued about the plumbing faults of the water closet.
 Another quick coffee and off we went.

 Just before hitting the canal walkway we bumped into fellow companions, Rick and Peter. I had met Rick before on a couple of LDWA walks but not Peter. So our group was now 8.
 Canal walks are always interesting i find. If you look out for the signs of our industrial past.

 I didn’t take any photographs on this walk because  it could have ended up like a camera club day out so i will be interested to see what pics Martin and JJ upload on their blogs. Do pop over there and have a look, the detail will be far better than this short post.
 Approaching Manchester there was an interesting stop for a chat about the overflow weir which today was full of plastic bottles and other flotsam. The industrial archeology of the Castlefield area and beyond to Piccadilly is a pleasure for anyone with the slightest interest in history. The mass of bridges with different architecture and expensive decorative castings a photographers delight.

 Once into the centre, a quick dash across town brought us to This and That Curry house in the Northern quarter where we met Roy already minding a table. This establishment is a back street gold mine. Never empty and always a queue. Great value for money and cleanliness being the key to success.
 Another walk towards St Peters Square, and the tram station, brought us face to face with the doors of a favourite Holts Pub. It would have been rude to walk past without doing a quality control check. it had to be done.

 We said our goodbye’s (hic) and all headed off.
Thanks to everyone for the chat on walks done and pending, on gear as always, the interesting history, the company, the invite and not forgetting the cake and coffee.
Hope the slide show of your walk in the US went well Mick and Gayle.

I look forward to the next walk.


  1. Very good, Alan. We had a most enjoyable day, if not quite long enough at the end, but we had things to do!
    Just doing my entry now...

  2. Yes it was a nice chatty walk. Thanks for the invite i enjoyed it.

  3. We're going to have to do another Curry Walk before too long....perhaps Gayle will come next time.
    It was a very pleasant way to spend the day - and I didn't need any tea, result!



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