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Friday, March 22, 2013

Just typical

 Would you believe this weather.

Our plan this weekend was to get up to the Duddon Valley in Cumbria, see friends, do some walking, etc etc.
Then we get an email to say Please don’t come up. Phones not working, internet in/out. Roads closed.
Trees down, road signs blown down, lots of crashes on roads that are open, tons of snow.

 So, disappointment or what.
All the gear is in the boot of the car. All fueled up and nowhere to go.
Fortunately i have had a couple of jackets delivered for testing, so getting out locally in our more moderate snow will happen tomorrow and Sunday. (More to come on the jackets subject over the next couple of weeks.)
Ho Hum.


John J said...

Trees down eh?
I'll just get the chainsaw fettled....more wood for the stove!

Martin Rye said...

My Dales trip is off, as the weather makes getting to it let alone walking there problematic. It will soon clear I hope.

AlanR said...

I think it will have been nicked by the time you get to your shed JJ.

AlanR said...

Sorry to hear that Martin. You will be feeling the same as us. Limbo is not nice. I think it will clear up just in time for Sheila to head back into work.

-maria- said...

This brings my own disappoinment in the end of November into my mind. We had to cancel a planned trip when the roads started to be too dangerous during a snow storm. Cancelling a trip because of weather conditions / being sick / ... leaves you feeling empty. Unpacking the already packed backpacks just underlines the disappointment - even if you know you made the only sensible decision.

AlanR said...

Yes you know just how we are feeling. We were looking forward to it being the first long weekend away this year. Excluding Spain of course. Still we are safe and the car is in 1 piece.

Phreerunner said...

One of our friends went up to Buttermere last night. It'll be interesting to hear more...
Roaches on Monday?

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
I will be surprised if the person got there because the A66 was closed in parts. The A595 was closed in parts. Going any other way would be dangerous.
They had 4ft of snow in the Duddon.

I’m 90% sure i cannot make Monday unfortunately, which is a shame because i missed it last time too.

Phreerunner said...

They got to Keswick on Friday, failed to ascend Skiddaw due to high winds on Saturday, and were home by 5pm that afternoon. I wouldn't have bothered, myself.

Phreerunner said...

'Monday' is postponed, BTW.

AlanR said...

Well, i know, i felt like going, but as soon as i heard our friends had cancelled a shopping (food) trip i knew it was bad. If i hadn’t got that message we probably would have set off.

AlanR said...

I guessed as much, when i heard the road closures on the BBC.
I hope i can make the re-arranged walk.

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