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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blair Atholl Castle

 7.00am, loo time. We was having a lie in today and then going round the castle. But the body got me up as usual. So i dashed to the toilet block across dew laden grass. On the way back i stopped and looked north and west, giving challengers my thoughts. It was dark and foreboding, i shivered at the thought of those higher up, opening there own tent doors and seeing what would look like a dull day.
 I went back to bed for an hour.

Our own weather was looking good, sunny but with a chilly north wind. We set of to the castle, post breakfast.

 It was a shame that at this time the castle was being painted. 

Hercules gardens are recently restored and when summer arrives the colours will be beautiful. The gardens and deer park are all very nice and you can spend hours just wandering around the grounds.

 Inside the castle itself, is stunning. So much history. The arms on display are second to none and the memorabilia going back to the Jacobite rebellion took lots of our time. Photographs are not allowed. Pity. But you can take pictures in the ballroom. Above.

 Outside i took this photo of Sheila stood beside some of the amazing trees in the park.

This is just a quick post as the internet is not good today and i am more than surprised i have managed to get some photo's on at all.

The castle has taken most of our day today but well worth a visit.


-maria- said...

You seem to be having a good time!

Either Sheila is tiny or the tree is huge...

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
Sheila is enjoying the break from work. Scotland is a lovely country. I wish i lived up here like my family did generations ago.
The tree is huge. I'm not sure if this is the exact tree but a notice board stated 59 metres tall. And is is about 4 metres wide.
Tomorrow we are doing something a bit more exciting.

Dawn said...

A lovely area Alan, enjoy.

AlanR said...

It truly is Dawn and we are looking forward to planning another trip back.

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