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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stove test - amendment

I have taken a couple of photo’s of the Flat Cat type stove i made in the last post so that you can see the flame pattern.

 Even though the stove is basically an open well type stove you can see that the holes act like jets.
And then when a pot is put on the stove, notice that it uses the hottest part of the flame, efficiency is increased and soot reduced. (I have put a trivet on top of the stove to support the pan for these photo’s) I am currently making a windshield to suit my Evernew ca-251, 600ml pan and then the trivet will be redundant.
It boiled 400ml of tap water in 6 minutes without a shield so i am expecting a little better when the heat shield is in place. I like the fact that the flame stays just about inside the pan base resulting in very little heat loss.


Martin Rye said...

I see Jon from FlatCat left a comment for you. Keep playing with it and see how it ends up.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin, Yes that was kind of him to comment. The options should keep me busy for a while. The more I try it the more I can see why you like it.

Anonymous said...

Once in the windscreen, you may fond that the stove is burning too hot. If you increase the main body height, you will slow down the heat transfer rate to the alcohol thereby reducing the burn rate. Of course, if you raise the body height and keep the pot stand the same height, you will also reduce the amount of airflow further reducing your burn rate. There are quite a few variables to play with on what appears to be a simple stove. Best wishes - Jon

AlanR said...

Thanks for the info Jon. I was going to make a slightly deeper one but now i will perceiver with these dimensions. The slightly smaller diameter seems to suit my pot well and hopefully might not burn too hot when i finish the screen.
All very interesting.

Dawn said...

This is getting fascinating. having just had a tinker with a petrol stove on the draining board I think meths is a safer option. Mind I have done some interesting things with meth stoves including running one for a week on surgical spirit; runs clean but hot. Next installment please Alan!

AlanR said...

I definitely wouldn’t muck about with petrol in the house. I have tried surgical spirit though.

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