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Friday, January 10, 2014

Problems with Firefox


I’m now relatively sure the problem lies with Google+ taking over the world. Why its only manifesting itself with Firefox i don’t know.  When i comment using Firefox, i place the text in the oblong box and under the box it says “Comment as” and you have a pull down menu with numerous options. When i click google account it normally puts a name in the frame. However with Firefox it just deletes the comment. So i think i have found the problem but how to resolve it i’m not sure. I’m loath to spend time on it when i might also muck up settings associated with other browsers which work fine.  Ho Hum.

Due to something outside of my control. (I think)
For some reason when readers are placing comments on my blog and are using Mozilla Firefox Browser, the comment is not being published.

I haven’t changed any settings and it’s not always been the case, so why i have this malfunction at this time is beyond my technical knowledge. Maybe someone has some idea and would like to pass it on for me to try.

I just thought readers should know as it can be frustrating typing comments that disappear when you press the publish button.



afootinthehills said...

I've just tried it Alan so let's see if this appears.

AlanR said...

Thanks ever so much Gibson. Obviously its OK with you.

Anonymous said...

And let's see if this works? (I'm on Firefox and also Wordpress which always has a bit of a problem with comments on blogger/blogspot blogs)

AlanR said...

Thanks Judith for taking the time. Its very strange how some work and some don't. Graham from Brenig tried twice yesterday to post a comment without success and I did a bit of trial and error and found I couldn't post using Firefox on my own blog. I am pleased that its not across the board all the same. All other browsers are OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,

I post comments using Safari, so this may not be directly relevant, but one of the things I have to do from time to time is to reset Safari. It's a routine maintenance procedure, accessed via the menus, and it clears the cache, cookies, browsing history etc. (although some of those can also be taken care of as individual tasks, rather than as part of a complete reset). It's basically a clearout of the accumulated clutter and I'd think there's a similar option available for Firefox users.

It does mean re-entering some of your log-ins and passwords afterwards and the spam ads do eventually find their way back.

AlanR said...

Thanks Oss. Never thought about a clear out. I will get on with it.

Mike Knipe said...

Its a good job you can't read this one cos I'm absolutley f

AlanR said...

I bet you are Mike. At least you will be warm now.

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