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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Challenge supplies

Can you fit all that in your rucksac and is the dry bag big enough?

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Marc_1970 said...

That's a large toilet roll. I hope you have better weather on the TGO.

AlanR said...

Hi Marc, it's just in case we get "bogged" down. Some dry weather will be appreciated.

Dawn said...

You may have a few difficulties if you think of taking the shopping trolley!!!!!!!??? Best just to stick with a conventional rucksack??

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn, and I thought it would fit on my sledge. Oh well a rucksack it will be.

John J said...

....just as long as I don't have to squeeze it into MY (new) rucksack!


AlanR said...

That would be a bummer eh! (New Rucksack?):-

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