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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple new os x Yosemite (Updated and success)

Warning. Do not upgrade your imac or laptop to Yosemite unless you are fully aware of what the consequences are for you. If you are happy with Maverick then stay with it.


Well i saw the new release and just as i did with the previous releases i just updated without going to deep into the changes.

So whats up?

Well you cannot go back to Maverick without a load of hassle if you find it doesn’t suit you. As i found out.
If you use iphoto as everyone probably does in OS X it is now linked with Aperture. So after upgrading to Yosemite i had to upgrade iphoto. This was fine, as it was a free upgrade.

But Aperture would not upgrade unless i paid £54.99!!!!!!!!!!

I very very rarely use Aperture, iphoto does pretty much all i need. So i thought Damned Cheek, i’m not paying £55. If i ever need to use an Aperture like piece of software i will use a freebie.


Now that iphoto has upgraded and linked itself to Aperture,  as soon as you launch iphoto you get a message telling you that some of your photo’s are in Apertures library and you have to upgrade Aperture before iphoto will launch.

Bloody Naughty Apple.

I don’t want to pay out £55 to upgrade Aperture, a piece of software i rarely use, but i need iphoto. I am in a catch 22 situation and i feel i am being mugged by Apple.

I don’t want to uninstall Aperture because i don’t know what damage i might cause.

Anyone got any suggestions. Please keep it clean. Thanks.

UPDATE 22nd October 2014.
I have iphoto working.


When i clicked to open iphoto from the dock i got a message to say cannot open library because Aperture needs updating. It seems for some reason that by clicking iphoto it defaulted to Aperture library first. Surely if you click iphoto it should default to iphoto library.

By holding down the option key and then clicking iphoto in the dock it brings up an option menu to chose which library you want to open. In my case i had 2 options, iphoto and Aperture. I clicked iphoto and it opened. I found all my “Events” were all over the place, not sorted by date as they were previously but this was easily corrected.

At least i have iphoto working and i havn’t spent £55. Why getting to this point has taken me hours to achieve when all i did was a simple upgrade. It beggars belief. We are not all Apple Genius’s. But i hope that by posting it here some other Mac users can save themselves some time and frustration.

itunes 12.0.1 has now updated itself 6 times and keeps on telling me to update it. It doesn’t clear itself after updating so i have had to suspend auto updates.

UPDATE 24th OCTOBER 24th 2014.
 Yesterday in the Apple store Manchester, i spoke with one of the trainers about my issue with Aperture. He fully understood the reason why i wasn’t going to pay £55 to upgrade and if i had taken my disc and licence number in with me it could have been sorted out there and then.
As it was, i was advised to use the Apple online chat support and take it from there, and if it wasn’t sorted out to go back into the store.

After an initial online chat with Mac support i was passed on to someone else and then had a telephone chat with another chap who then passed me on to someone else. You know the way it works.
So 1 1/2 hrs later i ended up speaking to a chap (name withheld) who worked directly in Aperture and did not deal with online or telephone chats.
He clearly explained the problem and the fact that even though i had purchased Aperture 2 on a disc, that by upgrading to Maverick i had upgraded Aperture to V3 as well. But that version would not work with Yosemite.

I explained that although i understood, i wasn’t going to pay £55 on top of my original purchase price  to get it to work because i didn’t use it often enough to warrant the outlay. But i still expected to use what i had.

He also cleared up the issue about Aperture future. Aperture is not being deleted but will not be developed further. Apple will still support Aperture for the foreseeable future.
A new piece of software will be coming out next year called Photo’s which may incorporate some of Aperture features.

I am kindly being sent a redemption code so that i can go into the App store and download the latest version of Aperture. Success.

I must admit that even though it has been a trial of persistence i am pleased with the attitude of all the people that i have dealt with in the Apple organisation.
I am also lucky that i don’t have a full time job or otherwise i would not have had the time to spend sorting it out and i probably (being a bit more affluent) would have just paid the money.


Sir Hugh said...

I have downloaded Yosemite and am having no problems so far. I don't use iPhoto or Aperture. All my photos are in a normal folder system set up by me and easy to follow.

My commenter Gimmer is having serious problems with Yosemite. He is pretty savvy with computers. I have directed him to your site and you may end up exchanging info.

Good luck.

AlanR said...

Hi Conrad. I have found that certain buttons don't respond. For example a reply button on Apples own site will not activate. Apart from me being very angry that I am being forced to upgrade Aperture to enable me to open iPhoto I haven't any other issues at present. Its early days. Sorry to hear that gimmer is also having problems. I wouldn't mind knowing what they are even if I cannot resolve them. Thanks.

afootinthehills said...

I read 'somewhere' that Apple were discontinuing Aperture in 2015 so just as well you didn't cough up £55 Alan. I thought only Microsoft did things like this!

gimmer said...

Conrad emailed me about your problem after I had spoken to him about issues I am having
if you have an up-to-date full time-machine back-up, you could delete everything in the new iPhoto version and library and restore to the old version: back up the current stuff as well before doing this so whatever happens, you can revert - then when successful, try Lightroom 5 - a free trial is available. Then you are free from this type of sneakiness! I'm not sure whose sneakiness I prefer - Apple's - or Adobe's!
or, better, delete Jose might and reinstall Mavericks .
I am having major problems with it (jose) - mail freezing, opera freezing, even textedit, the most basic little programme, not loading and freezing, many programmes loading and working slowly even the whole system crashing etc etc
so am going to go back to M unless these somehow resolve themselves in the next 24 hours!

AlanR said...

Hi gimmer. Yes I do have a full time back up. It is an option to try and revert back to a previous date and relaunch and I may try it. I use Aperture so little that I would rather delete the software than pay another £55 to upgrade it. I am going into Manchester on Thursday so I will ask a genius in the Apple store what he recommends.
Lightroom 5 is the way I will endeavour to go when I feel I need to but to be honest iPhoto does pretty much all the editing I use. I don't use RAW.
That reminds me, my Samsung RAW converter has also now stopped working.
I have had no freezing or crashing as yet. Fingers crossed I don't. I wish I had read a bit more about Yosemite or waited a month or two before pressing that download button. Its been in beta for a while so I don't know why these issues occur. They should have been snagged before release.
I hope you find a resolution for your nightmare.

AlanR said...

You may be correct Gibson and that's a very good reason to go for the delete Aperture route and cut my losses. I certainly won't be paying the £55. Its very naughty I think.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson. Just done some searches and it seems you are correct Aperture is being discontinued and being replaced by cloud photo. This makes it even more abhorrent that Apple feel the need to rip me off. You would think that they could have done a fix to allow Aperture users to carry on for another year for free.

afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan. iPhoto is going too. It's already gone from iOS 8. I don't know enough about Macs to know whether that's important but thought I'd mention it.

AlanR said...

I gather than the storage side of iphoto is going cloud based and i am also guessing that some bits of Aperture and iphoto will amalgamate. This is my guess.
Apple are media biased and so they will have to come up with something good and i’m sure they will but we shouldn’t be having problems with upgraded software and underhanded rip off’s. I will make enquiries tomorrow and post here what i find out.

Ian Sommerville. said...

Hi Alan. I recently upgraded to Yosemite on an old laptop (I normally do this in case of problems) and tried to replicate your problem. iPhoto worked fine, opening the iPhoto library as did Aperture, which opened the Aperture library. I wonder if you are running Aperture 2 not Aperture 3 (mine is 3.6), which might explain the difference.

Have you tried to open Aperture library from iPhoto. This worked fine for me. If it works for your library, you could then simply bin Aperture - I don't think that will have any adverse effects.

Best to get rid of Aperture one way or another - it's not being supported by Apple and my guess is that it'll stop working in the next Mac OS release. I switched to Lightroom - it's much better.

In general, I wasn't impressed by Yosemite - apart from prettier colours, it didn't seem to add any useful functionality as far as I'm concerned (I use Dropbox so don't need iCloud drive)

AlanR said...

Hi Ian, Thanks for commenting. You are correct, i am using Ap2. I bought the disc from the Apple shop in Manchester prior to downloading apps taking over the planet.
I was going to put an update on the post but i can put what they said here.
I spoke with a trainer and he was understanding that i was angry that my Aperture was not working. He was aIso adamant that i should not pay £55 to upgrade especially because, as you and others say, its all changing next year. I have to get the disc licence number then go onto the Apple webpage and chat with a Helper who should give me a pass code to get Ap2 working. In the event that i get no satisfaction from this chat then i have to go back into the store with the disc, find the trainer i spoke to and then we will have words with the manager.

I tried going into Ap library from iphoto but no joy. I quite like the new face of iphoto since the Yosemite upgrade and i like the look of Yosemite in general but function wise there doesn’t seem much to it. I have noticed that it slows my machine down.

I too use dropbox and i also pay to use Smugmug. Both do all that i need. I think Conrads idea of putting your photo’s in a folder on your hard drive or even a separate storage drive depending on how many photo’s you have is a good idea. I am starting to do that now.

I notice that the new Mac’s have no built in drive capability because of cloud storage and downloading Apps making it redundant.

I recall my optional drive was around £300 when i bought my Mac so with inflation that would be significantly higher but i don’t see any reduction in new Mac prices.
I do have icloud setup, but i have only tried it out, i don’t actually use it because of Dropbox and Smugmug being well used.
Thanks for trying to replicate my problem, thats very good of you.

Ian Sommerville. said...

Alan - if you want to shorten the process, I could convert your Aperture library to the most recent version which is iPhoto readable. But this wouldn't be accessible in Aperture.

AlanR said...

Hi Ian,
I’ve updated the original post above.
Apple are giving me a redeem code so that i will have the latest version of Aperture and will open with Yosemite.
If i have any problems i will let you know. I appreciate your offer.

afootinthehills said...

Glad to hear you've got it sorted Alan. Like Conrad I always save photos to my hard drive - and to a USB drive and to SmugMug. Someone once said to me that if your data isn't in three different places it doesn't exist! I go one further and don't delete the SD Cards either.

AlanR said...

Wow that’s what i call being safe. If i did that, my harddrive would crash, smugmug would go bump, the cloud would burst and i would misplace the sd cards. Ha,
In the end Apple have been very good.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Gibson's belt and braces approach, particularly where photos and video are concerned. I allow the mac to do its regular 'Time Machine' backups and supplement that with a regular dumping of all data files and folders onto a different external drive. High capacity external drives are reasonably cheap these days.

I moved from iPhoto to Photoshop Elements a couple of years back; it was Elements 11 at the time but I think it's already up to version 13 by now. At the time of choosing it was a toss up between Elements and Lightroom and I could see arguments for and against both; in the end I just had to pick one or the other.

Elements is more than I'll ever need (heaven knows how anybody ever explores all of the functions on the professional version of Photoshop) but I've found it to be very stable and reliable. The file system inside the 'Organizer' module is nothing sophisticated, but the Albums option allows you to separate off the ones you're most fond of (it works like an iTunes playlist, rather than creating a separate copy).

I'm still on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), mostly because OS upgrades make me nervous

AlanR said...

When i upgraded to Maverick i had no issues whatsoever. So i think i can safely say that you will be ok with that. As for Yosemite, i would leave it for the time being.
I use a terabyte backup drive and so everything is ok. And as i have mentioned i use Dropbox and Smugmug and so i will leave existing files where they are. I have started to make a new photos folder for images i take in the future.

I used to use Photoshop and Paintshop when i was working and so i am used to using them. However i don’t have a copy on my own Mac and i’m certainly not going to pay for them now.
Now that i have the latest version of Aperture i think i will stick with it even though i don’t find it very user friendly. I may download the freeby trial version of Lightroom just to see how it compares.

Anonymous said...

Alan, you can sometimes pick up a considerably discounted copy of the outgoing version of Elements (this might apply to Lightroom as well) immediately after the latest upgrade is announced. If you don't mind not having the very latest (and probably not so different) version you can make a big saving.

Ian Sommerville. said...

I think the problem with Aperture will be that it won't be supported in the next version of Mac OS. I think it is better than Lightroom for photo management but not nearly as good for digital manipulation

AlanR said...

If a new OS X comes out with Photos next year, i am told that Aperture will be supported but won’t be developed further. This came from Apple themselves. In reality Ian i rarely manipulate my pics. If i do then its usually on a duplicate and more experimental than a necessity. Although if i had RAW on my latest camera i would experiment more but i don’t have it.

AlanR said...

I will keep my eyes open. Thanks.

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